MassMotion from an architect’s point of view

MassMotion has been making a lot of headlines over the past month and, after a day’s training and a bit of dabbling with the software, I have to say it’s very easy to get to grips with. The real advantage of the program lies in the analysis of the simulation – a lot of time and effort has gone into programming the agents to make them act and react virtually as you would expect in real life situations.

One of the major features I’ve discovered is how easy it is to import 3D models from Revit and Microstation. Clients that I’ve spoken to already love the fact that they don’t have to do a lot of extra work to pass their model data into the simulation environment. MassMotion accepts incoming .FBX models and picks up building components as separate items, allowing you to clean up the model, remove unwanted items and tag the relevant items for the simulation in a very short time frame. Pretty soon you can be running simulations on your virtual model.

I did anticipate a program where we could model actors and create crowd scenes with realistic virtual actors. This is possible but it seems the time and effort applied to producing human realistic scenes is an expense few people will bear. The practical approach is to use the analysis features to understand the traffic flow and feed back into the virtual design for changes and enhancement where required.

There are other programs which are directed at photorealistic crowd scenes that may look good, but leave you questioning the accuracy of the simulation created. Oasys are very pleased with accuracy test comparisons for building evacuations and the program simulations do provide accurate results against real life tests. They have also said they plan to produce further data on live projects over the next few months to support the technical quality of MassMotion for simulation.

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