Video: Autodesk 3ds Max & Adobe – the easiest 3D workflow around

Our M&E team’s Autodesk/Adobe enthusiast Anthony Corcoran teamed up with Autodesk’s own Jamie Gwilliam to deliver this webinar on how the dynamic link between Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects can be used to speed up 3D and VFX workflows. 

3ds Max can create a bi-directional link between itself and After Effects, allowing the transfer of relevant data such as solids, nulls and more between the two. There’s even the option to export still images to Photoshop while keeping blend modes, layer information and opacity intact, then output everything as layered PSD files or After Effects comps. The result: more realistic 3D graphics all round, without having to spend three hours swearing creatively at the progress bar.

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