Autodesk’s Education Suites explained

Last year, Autodesk had a shake-up of their Education Suites. While the latest round of changes isn’t anywhere near as major, there are a few things we thought you should be aware of…

Name that Autodesk software!

When the 2012 editions came out, several suites changed their names to something slightly more succinct. With the 2013 releases, names have changed again – this time to bring them more in line with the names of Autodesk’s commercial suites. The range available to schools, colleges and universities now breaks down like this:

General Design

– Education Master Suite

– AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2013 Education (replaces Design Suite)

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management

– Building Design Suite Ultimate

– Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate

– Plant Design Suite Ultimate

 Game Art and Design, Film and TV Studies

– Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate

– Entertainment Creation  – Secondary Schools (replaces Autodesk Animation Academy)

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering

-Product Design Suite for Education

– Factory Design Suite Ultimate

Licensing for colleges and universities

The key difference for colleges and universities to bear in mind is that Autodesk are going to stop offering educational pricing on many individual products. So for example, anyone teaching 3D modelling or animation will no longer be able to buy just 3ds Max or Maya – they’ll need to buy an Entertainment Creation Suite licence. If you have a subscription to a single product currently, you’ll be able to carry that on for one more year, but then you’ll need to make the move to a Suite.

Schools, colleges and universities who want to buy an Autodesk Suite now pay for the first seat in full, with an additional (but smaller) fee for every seat they want to add. There are bulk discounts for anyone who manages to reach nine, 24 or 124 seats. A school, university or college can either choose to buy an annually renewed licence or a perpetual licence (we’d recommend this as it allows you to add an Autodesk subscription to your software, and make sure your students are always working on the most up to date version of the software, but also allows them to ‘roll back’ to earlier versions of the software if they need to work using older resources).

Students can still download individual applications for modelling, animation and design for free from the Autodesk Education Portal. Autodesk have also stepped up their Digital STEAM Workshop offering (an online service that you can use in conjunction with the Design Academy to promote science, technology, engineering, art and maths across the curriculum), adding new resources for students and teachers alike.

Good news for students…

Further and higher education students have been able to download free Autodesk software for a while, but until now any work they created in the free version was watermarked, and they weren’t allowed to use it on campus. However, from now until January 2013, Autodesk will be working down their list of student versions, removing watermarks and location restrictions. While this doesn’t mean you can load free student  licences onto college or university computers, it does mean that students with a free licence on their laptop can use that laptop int he classroom.

The software students can download for free is changing, too – individual products are out, suites are in. Students can now choose from AutoCAD Design Suite, Building Design Suite, Infrastructure Design Suite, Product Design Suite and Entertainment Creation Suite. Any student with a free copy can upgrade to a commercial licence at a discount rate when they head out into the real world.

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  1. what can I do to down load student version of Revit 2013. I am a student at Manchester Univesity in U.K. Let me know.


  2. Can anybody tell me whether I can obtain a licence for home study? I don’t attend a college but am hoping to go down the self taught route. Thanks

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