Video: Røde explain their Lavalier microphone

We’ve been hanging round Røde’s BVE 2012 stand requesting demos of their pro quality mics, and this time the very patient Jonathan has obliged us with a video run-through of their tiny lavalier mic.

Wireless and featuring a water-resistant pop filter, as well as a shockmount for use in high winds, the Røde Lavalier mic is perfect for outside broadcast as well as the usual studio applications. “One difference with our lavalier mic is that the cable is actually detachable at both ends,” Jonathan said. “So you could put a longer cable on there if you wanted to.” See it up close in the video above.

Using the Micon-1 adaptor jack, you can also attach the lav to any beltpacks you’re already using, and It’s been designed to connect to a number of Sennheiser receivers too, including the SK 500 G3, SK 300 G3, SK 100 G3, SK 500 G2, SK 300 G2 and SK 2 Freeport.

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