Video: RODE introduce the Stereo VideoMic Pro

RØDE’s top DSLR mic offering, the Stereo VideoMic Pro, is being demoed down at BVE 2012, and our audio team managed to get a quick rundown of the top features.

Aimed squarely at DSLR-toting filmmakers, the Stereo VideoMic Pro includes a standard shoe mount and comes ready shock-mounted, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about any handling noise if you’re shooting handheld. In a similarly practical vein, it features a high pass filter that’ll dampen anything below 75Hz, plus a 10db pad to reduce surrounding noise if you’re shooting in loud conditions.

Cleverer still is the mic’s 20db boost feature. While boosting a mic’s capabilities through a camera preamp works well enough, you can end up with a lot of background hiss. Using the Stereo VideoMic Pro’s built-in booster gives you a far cleaner sound.

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