The secret to saving with a 1:1 iPad deployment

So, you’ve got your class set of iPad. You’ve seen how much using the devices increases engagement. You’ve seen an uptick in performance from students who were previously struggling. You and your colleagues are comfortable using the technology. You’re ready for a 1:1 device programme except for one thing – where’s the money going to come from?

This is a story we hear pretty often from schools we work with, but here’s the thing: if you can rustle up the cash to buy or lease the initial devices, you’ll actually find that your iPad deployment pays for itself quickly (especially if you can persuade parents to cough up £3 a week for a parental contribution scheme).

First, find savings in other areas of your budget…

Giving each student a personalised device means that many of your physical resources like newsletters, planners and textbooks can be replaced with apps and ebooks, which are far cheaper to create, easier to keep up to date and don’t incur any printing or delivery costs.

Here’s the maths from one of our customers, a secondary school who found that buying 150 iPad a year as new year groups entered the school was actually cost neutral.


So, now that you know you can make your yearly device refresh pay for itself, how do you bring down the cost of the initial investment?

…then lower initial costs with leasing

Leasing helps you spread costs, lower outlay, and really make your budget work for you. We work with leasing company CHG-Meridian to buy and distribute your devices. The leasing company ultimately owns them, then you, the customer, hire use of the assets, paying rental over a fixed period of two or three years. Once your contract’s up, you can either request to extend the lease or return them and get new equipment with a refreshed lease.

…or cut them altogether with a parental contribution scheme!

You’ve all heard of these – the school leases or buys the devices, and parents of pupils opt to pay towards devices their children are going to be using in school, either in full or in part, usually over time. As well as reducing the cost to the school, a parental contribution scheme allows the pupil’s family to buy the iPad, bringing that new technology into their home as well as the classroom.

“We wanted to send iPad home with pupils because some of our parents aren’t always confident in supporting their children with learning at home, or there can be misconceptions in relation to different teaching strategies,” explained Lynsey Carr, eLearning leader at Stephenson Memorial Primary School in North Tyneside. “Giving them iPad created an element of teamwork and enabled them to share their learning.

“[At the first parent meeting], we put the weekly cost of the leasing scheme against the cost of a pint of lager, children’s toys and other things our parents could relate to, and then we benchmarked it against what it would cost to buy a non-branded tablet, because we wanted to put it in context for parents. And once they realised it would only cost £3 a week, it became instantly a affordable for every parent, so even though 58% of our children are in receipt of free school meals, they all signed up.”

Why go for leasing?

Low outlay

The volume advantages of buying in bulk, without paying upfront. The cost can also be allocated to revenue as opposed to a capital budget, which is a big bonus. This saving is even greater if you pass a portion of the cost on to families through a parental contribution scheme.

Flexible costs

Leasing means you can easily spread your costs over a one to three year period, making budgeting much more flexible. Repayments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly or annually, by Direct Debit or invoice, whichever is most convenient.

Get the latest technology

Keep up to date with the latest tech, as schools can upgrade throughout the lease period without having to repurchase. This means the school is never left with obsolete equipment in a way that would not be possible with an outright purchase.

And get it right now!

Leasing prevents having to delay the implementation of ICT plans until sufficient funds become available, enabling new technology to be adopted instantly. Schools can upgrade or expand their resources easily, as and when the need arises.

Easy admin and procurement

Another good thing about leasing with us is that we can cover the whole admin side. We can even set up a purchasing portal for parents, branded to fit in with the rest of your school website, making the whole procurement process easy.

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