Eight steps to execute the perfect iOS iPad and iPhone rollout

If you’re looking to implement iPad and iPhone, we can help with every stage of the rollout, from supply through to configuration, installation, training and support, ensuring minimal downtime and a positive experience for new users – all without putting strain on your internal tech team.

When rolling out a large number of devices, you want to make sure that your transition from old to new devices is as glitch-free as possible. Get the maximum benefits from mobile working by having us pre-configure your devices to your exact specifications, so you can be ready to roll straight out of the box.

What are the benefits?

Our solutions can improve workflow and enhance security, as devices are configured and respect security permissions from day one. We can improve content access and delivery thanks to tighter integration with back-end systems, and can reduce the risk of data leaks thanks to our mobile device management (MDM) solutions. You will also benefit from increased visibility and control over your iOS estate, leading to a smooth rollout and ease of new device on-boarding for new starters.

So how can Jigsaw24 help?

Step one: Choose your device

Our team will assist with project planning and management to make sure your rollout goes smoothly from start to finish. From device selection and procurement, to setting up purchasing agreements and dedicated purchasing portals, we’ve got you covered from the word go.

We can also arrange leasing options for your business as well as warranties and cover for accidental damage to the devices.

Step two: Tell us which corporate apps your employees can’t do their jobs without

Before you even lay your hands on your devices, we’ll have them configured with all your business-essential apps. We’ll also ensure that your iOS is updated, your device is charged, and will carry out quality assurance testing, so you can be confident you can start using your device straight out of the box.

Step three: Sharing and securing your files

As we’ll set up iCloud backup, data restore and universal file access on your devices at pre-staging, you know that nothing will be lost from the get-go. We’ll also implement access and permissions management to ensure you maintain granular control over your organisation’s permissions and profiles.

Step four: Enrolling in Apple’s DEP programme

We will integrate your MDM system with Apple’s DEP scheme for a smoother device enrolment and rollout. This means you’ll instantly be able to update your devices to ensure that your end users are on the latest, approved versions of key apps. It also makes on-boarding additional devices for new staff quicker and easier.

Step five: Asset tracking with CAT24

We’ll deploy your devices to multiple sites with comprehensive asset tracking, using our tracking app CAT24. See real time statistics on how the handover is progressing, when old devices are back and new ones have been deployed.

Step six: Supporting and training your staff

To make sure your staff have all the information they need to get up and running quickly, our marketing service will produce bespoke welcome leaflets for each device (up to 15,000 in the past!) and an in-house training video. We can also offer phased, ‘roadshow’-style workshops across multiple sites, where we’ll send trained engineers to your office to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions your staff may have.

Step seven: Training your technical team

We’ll ease the pressure on your tech team with dedicated training to make sure they’re equipped to handle any post-rollout queries from staff. Of course, we’re just on the other end of the phone if they require any more support.

Step eight: If something does go wrong…

Our support doesn’t stop once the devices are in your hands – we offer a post-deployment advanced replacement and repairs service, so you can be sure of minimal interruptions to your workflow should anything go wrong with your device.

Why choose us?

With 25 years’ experience, Jigsaw24 can offer you a consistent, high quality end user experience from start to finish. In 2016/17 so far, we’ve staged, configured, enrolled and deployed over 50,000 iOS devices… so we know what we’re talking about. We can deploy to multiple sites with comprehensive asset tracking to ensure smooth migration from old to new devices. Our team will support your end users and IT team both during and after deployment to ensure the very best experience.

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