Aerohive explained: StudentManager and TeacherView

If you’ve spoken to any of our education team about a 1:1 iPad deployment or are already part of the e7 scheme, we’ve probably mentioned Aerohive already. The current darlings of the WiFi world, they’ve come up with a simple system that makes it easy (and affordable) for you to get consistent, secure WiFi coverage in your school.

You can find out more about Aerohive on our website, but we thought we’d also share this nifty white paper, which explains two of Aerohive’s key classroom features: StudentManager and TeacherView. Between them, they make it simple for teachers to manage who in the school has access to which resources at certain times, and maintain complete visibility over which devices students have connected to the school WiFi network and what they’re doing on them.

Download the PDF – StudentManager and TeacherView: Giving teachers control of wireless computing in the classroom

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