Migrating from your old Xserve to new infrastructure

We get it, you love your old Apple Xserve. You’ve grown up with it, got to know its quirks and foibles, and shared sweet memories in the soft glow of its system identifier light. But while Apple’s rack-mounted server may have been a loyal servant to your business over the years, it’s now obsolete. So it’s high time to move on from your outdated architecture and get with a new model.

Apple discontinued the Xserve all the way back in 2011, realising their server market was too small to actively compete with mainstream manufacturers. While it’s still supported up to OS X El Capitan, and you’ll probably get a couple of years of updates yet, if you want to use Apple’s latest operating system, you’ll find macOS Sierra has dropped software support for the systems altogether. So to make sure you’re up to date, compliant and – above all – secure, you’ll need to invest in new infrastructure hardware.

Originally, those wanting to continue using Apple for their server-based needs were catered for in the shape of the old Mac Pro tower or the more compact Mac Mini Server option. These ran the macOS Server system which, since the discontinuation of the Xserve, began getting simpler so that it was able to run on the more basic machines.

But for businesses who require enterprise-grade, industrial-strength servers, this solution wouldn’t really be ideal. So what next for former Xserve acolytes who need a server to cover deployments of both Mac and PC?

Many large Mac-based companies have been running Unix AppleShare file servers for years, so a rack-mount, scalable Unix-based server is the strongest option. You’ll find that many new servers from the likes of HP, Dell and IBM will actually cost you less than the price of the original Xserve, include more options for storage, and are easier to expand and scale with your business needs.

And if you still find yourself feeling overly attached to your old server, you could always do what some creative clever-clogs have done and turn your old Xserve into a coffee table.


Don’t live in the past; get your infrastructure reviewed

To make sure your setup’s as future- and disaster-proof as possible, book an infrastructure review with our expert field team. For just £450, they’ll visit your premises to ascertain how resilient your systems are, and provide recommendations for strengthening them further or ensuring you can support new formats and standards.

As well as help migrating from obsolete solutions such as Xserve, we can advise on:

– Storage utilisation and growth.

– Removing network bottlenecks.

– Securing critical systems.

– Creating a business continuity plan.

– Disaster recovery strategy.

– Developing cloud strategy.

– Integrating Mac and Windows environments.

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