Five things you didn’t know about Creative Cloud for teams

With all the updates they release, it can be difficult to keep track of the features that Adobe keep adding to Creative Cloud for teams. In case you’re not quite up to speed, here are five of our favourite lesser known features in the current version of Creative Cloud…

1. Libraries

“Libraries are probably one of the things we actually use most as a team.” says our graphic designer, Liana. “As well as having our own libraries, the group library lets everyone in the team share graphics, pictures and colours, so we can make sure we all stay on brand. The other week our photographer Simon was on a photoshoot and he was sending example compositions, which we could immediately see in an InDesign document/webpage mockup and feed back with other options, so it’s great for making sure we capture the right sort of content.”

As well as accessing locally stored assets, you can use the library pane to search Adobe Stock for imagery, so there’s no time consuming back and forth between your stock site and your creative app, and you can preview quickly, easily and without having to fork over any (extra) cash.

2. Creative Sync

Creative Sync joined Creative Cloud in 2015, and allows you to start your creative work on any device and then pick it up on another. You don’t even have to have the entire original file on your device.  You can also capture a shape as a vector graphic on your phone and edit it on your desktop, or make a change to a logo used in your project, and have everyone on your team instantly get the new version, and all the documents where it’s used, updated.

If you want to know more about the science behind this, and how you go from having an unwieldy file to having a asset that can be edited non-destructively, shared easily and updated across the board, take a look at this Adobe blog.

3. Creative Cloud Mobile App

As well as the Creative Cloud app itself, there are also a range of Adobe mobile applications that will sync with Creative Cloud and speed up your day to day workflow, as ably demonstrated by Simon in the video below:

These apps are free, and allow you to extend your workflow in really helpful ways – for example, Capture lets you, well, capture an image of a particularly inspiring object or pattern, and then turn it into an asset such as a shape, brush or colour theme, while Comp transforms natural drawing gestures into crisp, layout-ready graphics for faster mockup creation. You can then use Creative Sync to connect files on your desktop and mobile devices, so work you do on the go is accessible in-office.

4. Creative Cloud Market

If you ever need high quality illustrations, vectors and images, try Creative Cloud Market. It’s a collection of assets curated by Adobe users in the creative industries and made available to all paid Creative Cloud users (except those of you who are on the photography plan, sorry). You can access the Market from the Creative Cloud app on your desktop or mobile, click on Assets and then click on Market, and you’re in.

Your Market asset limit is 500 downloads per month, although once an asset is downloaded you can use it in any number of web and and graphic design projects. Find out more about Creative Cloud Market here.

5. Typekit

Typekit is a subscription service for fonts which you can sync to your computer or use on a website. “Typekit is extremely useful when you’re working with unknown fonts,” Liana wants you to know. “If someone’s used an extra font on a project, finding it in Typekit saves so much time compared to Googling it and downloading it.” Fonts in Typekit are synced across all your Adobe applications, so if you’ve used a font in one, it’s available to you in others.

A Creative Cloud subscription gives you access to the swanky Typekit Portfolio package as standard, which includes over 2000 fonts that you can sync to your computer and over 5600 you can use on the web. This package sets non-Creative Cloud users back a tidy sum, but those of you with CCft licences, however, get access to it free of charge. Find out how to link your Typekit and Creative Cloud accounts here.

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