Introducing EIZO ColorEdge CG2420 and CS2420

EIZO has added two new 24” monitors to its professional ColorEdge range – the CG2420 and CS2420. Both units have resolutions of 1920×1200, an IPS non-glare panel, and ensure smooth gradations with 10-bit display from a 16-bit look up table.

EIZO ColorEdge is great for photographers, allowing users to accurately simulate their finished product, cutting out the need for later revisions and confusion down the line. In the long run, this saves both time and money.

The CG2420 and CS2420 feature new, sleek cabinet designs with slim bezels, making them 39% smaller than their predecessors. A carrying handle is built in for improved manoeuvrability, and electrostatic switches replace traditional buttons for seamless access to monitor settings.


– The CG2420 is a professional grade display ideal for use in photography, design, print, and post production.

– For anyone who knows the ColorEdge range this essentially replaces the CX241, but offers enhanced features such as high contrast panel, slimmer design and self-calibration sensor.

– It sits just under the CG247, which offers the best subtle tone due to its 3D LUT and self-calibration sensor which measures full tone as well as chroma.

– Key features include 99% coverage Adobe RGB, 98% coverage DCI-P3, self-calibration sensor, high contrast ratio of 1500:1, delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen, stable colour in just three minutes, and bundled ColorNavigator software and shading hood.

The CG2420 is available now from Jigsaw24 for £958 exVAT.


– The CS2420 is the entry level display in the ColorEdge range; ideal for hobbyists and prosumers working in photography and illustration.

– For anyone who knows the ColorEdge range this essentially replaces the CS240 and comes with a new sleeker cabinet design.

– It lacks the brightness stabilization and self-correction sensor of the CS230 but has a wide colour gamut.

– Key features include 99% coverage Adobe RGB, high contrast ratio of 1000:1, uniformity controls and bundled ColorNavigator software.

The CS2420 is shipping soon.

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