Your guide to the latest changes to Adobe VIP

Earlier in March, Adobe made some changes to their Value Incentive Programme (VIP). But how do these updates affect you, dear Adobe user? As well as lowering the discount thresholds, Adobe also lowered the entry point for VIP Select status. 

VIP discount levels – old v new
Old (ended 4th March)
Discount level Price bands Discount levels Membership status
1 1-49 no discount VIP
2 50-249 2% VIP Select
3 250-999 3% VIP Select
4 1000+ 5% VIP Select
New (5th March onwards)
Discount level Price bands Discount levels Membership status
1 1-9 no discount VIP
2 10-49 5% VIP Select
3 50-99 10% VIP Select
4 100+ 10% VIP Select

As you can see from the table above, it’s now possible to get higher discounts on bulk purchases. Adobe Creative Cloud customers can qualify for the level changes in two ways:

1. Single transaction. When you place an order for a minimum licence quantity in a single transaction, your membership level will automatically be upgraded.

2. ‘Look-back’ at renewal. 31 days before your anniversary, Adobe will ‘look back’ at the total number of licences you purchased during the subscription term and re-level if required.

Just remember – the discount isn’t cumulative. This means incremental purchases (fewer than 10 licences per order) will only be totalled at look-back. Say, for example, you have 40 licences as of 4th March, and subsequently want to add another ten licences. This single transaction will uplift you to tier two, but you won’t be eligible for tier three until the look-back date.

VIP Select membership

Then we have VIP Select – this is a membership status that allows customers to opt for a three year commitment subscription. There are two subscription options for all VIP customers: The first is an annual subscription, which has a one year, upfront pay schedule; the second is an extended term option where you can set the subscription term length up to 36 months. This option is selected at the VIP invitation stage; again it requires payment upfront for the complete term.

VIP Select customers, however, have a third option – the three year commitment. If you go down this route, you’re committing to maintaining a minimum number of licences for three years; in return you get increased discounts, set pricing, and can continue to pay annually (see below).

VIP Select becomes VIP Select with 3 year commit
Level Discount Level Discount
2 5% 12 10%
3 10% 13 15%
4 10% 14 15%

To sign up for this option, you must have VIP Select membership status. When you qualify for VIP Select, you will be sent an email from Adobe with a link to accept the VIP amendment and enrol in the three year commitment.

An important point to note – if you accept the three year commitment, you can’t ‘true down’ to the true number of licences once enrolment is complete. If a three-year licence quantity is not renewed, licences will be returned and the three-year amendment is cancelled, new licences will then need to be purchased.

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