6 reasons you need to move to Adobe Stock

Coming to the end of your stock subscription? Looking for a new and exciting range of stock imagery to explore? Here are our top 6 reasons to swap to Adobe Stock.

#1 You’ll save no end of time!
No, really! Adobe Stock means a complete end to editing watermarked images, only to do everything again once you’ve had sign-off to purchase the high res version from the powers that be. You can edit the mockup, then when you’re ready to buy just purchase from within the Creative Cloud app and it’ll just swap out the image right there in your work.

#2 And while we’re talking about time…
Not only can you purchase in-app, you can also search the Adobe Stock site without leaving the comfort of Photoshop, so no more time lost jumping between windows.

#3 There’s no charge for pooled images…
So, if you’re working as part of a team, you’ll all be able to access, license and manage images from one shared subscription.

#4 45 million images…
And counting! In fact, Adobe have already added 5 million new resources since launching last year. So expect it to be competing with the leading stock services in no time.

#5 You get a free trial…
Because you have to really give it a go to understand the true power of the workflow benefits, Adobe are even giving Creative Cloud for Teams users a 10-image trial! Click here for details.

#6 This guy…

Because we need to support a world that embraces grown men dressed as bunnies and mourning the loss of carrot supplies. And we thank Adobe Stock for having the variety of imagery needed for us to find him.

Bunny man


Want to find out more about Adobe Stock? Head on over to our Adobe Stock page to take a look at the full feature-set. You can also give us a call on 03332 409 259, email adobe@Jigsaw24.com or pop your details in the form below.

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