iPad in retail: Offer your customers point of sale finance

ePOS systems are a great way to quickly take transactions in-store, but what if you’re a retailer selling high ticket items like a sofa suite or the latest fancy 4K TV? Your customers may very well expect to pay on finance for a product with a high price tag, rather than in a one-off, upfront payment. With point of sale finance, you can run through the customer’s options right there with them on an iPad. 

Why point of sale finance?

Being able to discuss flexible buying options, and a range of rates and terms suited to different types of customer, means you can grow sales, increase order value and improve your cash flow. The opportunity to defer payment with a ‘buy now, pay later’ schedule and an attractive APR instantly makes those large purchases more affordable, meaning you can more easily convert casual window shoppers into real customers.

Another great thing about ePOS solutions in general is that sales assistants can provide a more consultative sales patter to the customer, being able to use their iPad to describe and compare different product options and specifications face to face, rather than having to return to the till. It provides a seamless, paperless transaction with all information captured quickly and documents electronically signed for, without reams of forms needing to be filled out and mailed.

If you’re not already using iPad as a POS system, finance can also make purchasing the hardware much more affordable, with iPad paying for itself after selling a certain number of additional products on finance. Sometimes only one or two high-ticket transactions would see off the ROI for the iPad.

How do we get into point of sale finance?

There are currently a few finance providers offering solutions specifically for point of sale, with one of the largest being Barclays Partner Finance (part of Barclays Bank PLC), who offer thousands of business partners a way to maximise their sales opportunities by helping their customers afford new purchases. With their solution currently being iOS-only, this is a great way to go if you’re a retailer who currently works with Barclays and uses iPad as ePOS.

On the ePOS side, we can kit you out with everything you need, as well as iPad services and apps:

– Apple-centric ePOS and mPOS. We can provide a complete Apple-centric ePOS system, no matter whether you’re a micro-retailer, or a national company with multiple stores. We’ll consult with you to understand your practices and customer journey, and develop a payment solution that works for you, whether that’s a completely new ePOS solution to replace your existing system, or us writing an app or middleware that can extend your existing till system to Mac or iPad.

– Managed iPad in-store. We offer services including design and consultancy around iPad to support your business needs, pre-flighting of devices with all your corporate apps and settings prior to supply. Our post-sales services cover employee training including tech bars and workshops, support contracts to ensure business continuity with next business day swapouts and replacement, and mobile device management.

– Custom apps and proximity tech. Our team of developers can create iOS, Android and web apps, purchasing protals or interactive brochures and presentations, and offer support throughout the lifecycle of your app and subsequent iterations. Our integrated mobility solutions have seen tremendous ROI.

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