Jigsaw24 Roundtable: Broadcast Awards 2016 Best Post House

A few weeks before the 2016 Broadcast Awards take place at the Grosvenor Hotel Ballroom, Jigsaw24 partnered up with Broadcast TECH magazine editor, George Bevir, to invite the nominees for Best Post Production Facility 2016 to come into Jigsaw24’s Soho Studio and discuss the state of the industry now and looking forward to the next year of business.


Broadcast Rountable
Nominees getting ready for the shoot


We’d like to thank the attendees – Johnny Whitehead, Director of operations for Encore, Dave Cadle, Managing Director of Envy, Leo Casserley, Managing Director of Flix, John Rogerson, Chief Executive Officer of Halo, Julie Parmenter, Managing Director of Molinare and Matt Adams, Director of Sales for Technicolor – for providing us with an invaluable insight to the industry and a very interesting discussion with topics including rates, creative UK talent, Soho facility dominance and where new business opportunities can be found. Here you can watch the discussion in its entirety, or scroll below for links to specific sections covering the topics you may be interested in.

Featured Section Shortcut Links:

What do TV production companies want from post facilities in 2016?

What has happened to the rates paid by production companies?

What is the best way to grow post facility?

Is there enough creative talent in the UK?

How much of a threat to post facilities are in-house post operations?

Will Soho always remain the capital of UK post?

Where do the opportunities for post firm lie in 2016?

If you’re interested in how we’ve helped the nominees become so successful as a key technology partner and supplier for all of the represented companies, get in touch with our post production and broadcast experts by emailing broadcast@Jigsaw24.com and checking out our solution pages at jigsaw24.com/workflowspecialists.


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