Massive thanks to all who made our Digital Creatives event!

On Thursday 21st January, we held our first ‘Creativity in the digital world’ event, a forum for digital creatives to hear from experts on the challenges facing the digital media industry, and learn how to better service clients and take advantage of new revenue streams (as well as indulge in a spot of beer and pizza, naturally).

So we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the awesome attendees and superb speakers who made it down on the night. Here’s how it went down…

The speakers

We had a whole host of fantastic speakers, all touching on the topic of creativity in the digital world from a different angle. First of all, we had Iain Seers from Watershed Consulting (who spearheaded the move to digital media for Redworks WPP and Ogilvy & Mather) discussing how the creative landscape is evolving in the face of new technologies. From old radio ads to examples from his previous companies, Iain talked about how marketing and advertising agencies are using these changes to their advantage.


Next, we had the privilege of hearing from Katy Starling, Head of Communications at DHL. Talking from a brand viewpoint, she touched on her background at DHL, and carried on to talk about how they’ve come to incorporate digital methods into their marketing strategy, working across different platforms. Katy also spoke about social media as a growing part of their marketing, particularly Twitter, and how it allows them to connect with their audience.


We also welcomed our friend Neil Rostance, Managing Director of Fat Free Media, who discussed how agencies should remain aware that they are targeting actual people, using emotion to capture an audience, and how this is increasingly important in the digital age where social media campaigns often place emphasis on figures and data when considering their demographic. His witty Q&A about user-generated content on some of his previous campaigns was a particular highlight!

Our Creativity in the digital world event

Our partners

As well as the above speakers, we also had event sponsors Adobe, ThinkingPhones, axle, Extensis and Blackmagic Design on hand to answer any questions or queries attendees may have had. Plus, Jigsaw24 Solutions Architect Jamie Allan presented a talk on working with creatives to manage workflow and increase productivity, while Client Director Vince Pittman discussed the great solutions Jigsaw24 offer to help creatives maximise digital media.


What you lot said

We had a great night, and were very glad to hear that everyone who came along found the event both engaging and useful. Here’s what a few of our attendees had to say…

“We found the evening to be most informative, with a genuine desire to bring creatives together to share and discuss the current challenges we are all facing. I found the presenters engaging and overall the night was thought provoking and light on selling, high on concept. Great venue and the speakers and the attendees were not too London-centric either. I would heartily recommend to anyone in the marketing/creative industries.” – Neil Cleverley, TTS Group

– “Thought Neil was great, and that his talk on digital was spot on. Great location.” – Dominique Devoucoux, Founder/Managing Director, Tate Post

– “Enjoyed the event, and learnt lots of new things from the speakers to take away. Would like to attend future similar events.” – Keith Pang, Pipeline Developer, Hibbert Ralph Animation 

– “Really good talks, thought the time was good. Would like to see similar events during the day, more video featured.” – Byron Wijayawardena, Creative Director, Blackmagic Design

– “Super.” – Doug Griffiths, EMEA Director, Angels Den

So, once again, to everyone who made our ‘Creativity in the digital world’ event such a success, a heartfelt thanks. If you didn’t make it down, or would like to relive the whole thing again (even if just for the free beer and pizza), you’re in luck – we’re going to be running a series of events for digital creatives, so keep an eye on for all the details!

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