Welcome to FCPX: The plug-ins

As with any new app, the arrival of FCPX has seen a spate of new plug-ins and add-ons hit our shelves, from new effects and transitions to more back-end, functionality-orientated extras. One of the first out of the blocks were Automatic Duck, but they’ve been closely followed by post-production giants like AJA and Noise Industries. Here are some of our favourite FCPX plug-ins so far…

Pro Export 5.0

Automatic Duck’s Pro Export adds much-needed OMF and AAF support to FCPX, so you can carry on exporting files to Pro Tools seamlessly. Unlike earlier iterations, it’s a standalone app rather than a plug-in, and won’t work with FCP 7 or earlier. However, Team Duck aren’t severing all support for earlier versions – anyone who buys Pro Export 4.0 will get 5.0 when they upgrade, and can continue using 4.0 with any earlier versions of Final Cut. Even better, anyone using version 3.0 or earlier will get 4.0 and 5.0 when they upgrade, meaning they can take their pick of FCP systems.

FxFactory 2.6

Available as a free upgrade to existing users, this latest version of Noise Industries’ FxFactory brings 140 of their best-loved effects and transitions to FCPX and Motion (they’ll also work with earlier versions). You can download the upgrade here.┬áThere’s also a video that shows you how to access your effects in the FCPX interface. Very helpful!

GenArts Sapphire Edge

Taking FCPX’s philosophy of being fast and user-friendly and running with it, Sapphire Edge offers videographers a vast library of presets, transitions and effects which they can apply and preview in realtime. It’s powered by the Sapphire engine so is as reliable as anything GenArts produce, but is just that bit simpler. If you’re worried that 350 presets might not be enough, there’s also a one year subscription to FX Central included, giving you access to GenArts’ full portfolio of effects.

Magic Bullet

Red Giant has already announced that they’re hard at work on a round of free FCPX upgrades for its existing Magic Bullet users, and their developers are determined to keep pace with any future changes to FCPX. Anyone who’s big on DSLR shooting and wants a quick editing and finishing combo could do far worse than a Magic Bullet Suite/FCPX combo…

Got a favourite FCP plug-in? Let us know in the comments below.

More plug-ins are already on their way. To find out more about the latest releases, call 03332 409 306, email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com or visit Jigsaw24.com to see our full broadcast range.

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