The benefits of QuarkXPress 8 for teachers and students

When it comes to desktop publishing, Keith Martin really knows his linking tool from his Bezier picture box. Senior lecturer in publishing at the London College of Communication, Keith has extensive experience under his belt, with a degree in graphic design and numerous books published about digital media. He also juggles the role of technical editor at MacUser magazine at the same time as teaching!

Keith has been using QuarkXPress for desktop publishing since he was at university and now teaches his own students how to use the latest version. He explains the way its logical design makes it easy to produce quality layout for anything from leaflets and posters to full-blown magazines and newspapers: “You make a box, you put a picture in it. It’s as if you are working with pieces of cut paper on a big poster-size page on a desk.”

Quark’s flexibility makes it really user-friendly according to Keith, and he says it is really easy to make Flash content without having to get involved with coding. “Today we are in a situation where, if designers want to actually work in digital output, they have to learn programming. But with QuarkXPress 8, you can actually get Flash done quickly and you don’t have to look at code, so I think it’s a great option for designers,” Keith added.

Now in its eighth version, Keith believes that QuarkXPress’s “pedigree” means it has a longevity that will see it carry on developing. He said: “Tools change, but design never does. I think the future is going to be that the software does the difficult stuff for you behind the scenes while you get on with the creative work.”

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