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Final Cut Studio is out. Final Cut Pro X is in. And the the major difference between the two? Well, the clue is in the name. While FCS was a post app built round an NLE, FCPX isĀ  clearly designed for people who want their NLE to do one thing and one thing only: edit. Capturing footage? Someone else’s problem. Arguing over cues with the sound editor? Not FCPX’s job. Playout? Well, someone’s already sorted that one out…

Capture and playout options

As FCP has always been an editing application, not strictly designed for capture or playout, it’s no surprise that there are already quite a few solutions out there, and many of them will be able to make the move to FCPX with very little trouble.

Video OnTheAir (and MovieRecorder)

Softron has been quick to point out that their QuickTime-friendly products will mesh with any version of FCP. Their dedicated playout software, Video OnTheAir, lets you move easily between playlists, and output their contents through video cards, HDMI ports and DVI ports. If your video card supports a key channel, you can output graphics overlays on top of a live stream coming into the card (not possible with any version of FCP), and it’s easier to create new in and out points on the fly on this dedicated system than it is working in a fully-fledged editing program.

movie recorder logo

They also offer MovieRecorder, a dedicated capture program that allows you to capture metadata and ProRes or MPEG4 proxies, edit clips while ingesting them and write them to multiple destinations at the same time. If you’re capturing to shared storage, you can control MovieRecorder from any machine on the network, or even control it from a terminalĀ  using Telnet commands.

Blackmagic Design’s Media Express

The newly-released Media Express 3, which comes free with every BMD DeckLink video card, lets you batch capture and play back 2D and S3D in a staggering variety of formats, including DPX, ProRes, uncompressed YUV and RGB, DVCPRO HD and MJPEG files. It’ll also import and export EDLs and – crucially for FCPX users – assemble to tape.

Decklink 4K card

You can take a look at the DeckLink range here.

AJA KONA X and VTR Xchange

AJA already have a FCPX-compatible driver in beta. Called KONA X Beta, it’s designed to enable KONA 3, 3G and LHi capture cards to interact with FCPX in much the same way they did with FCP 7. There’s also a new, FCPX-friendly update to VTR Xchange that gives you access to time-saving batch capture capabilities. (It’s worth noting that you can only batch capture from a pre-existing batch list, and there’s no batch logging support.)

kona 3g card

You can download the Xchange update here. As it’s for a new release, we’d recommend having a look over the attached readme before you fire it up.

Got a favourite capture or playout tip? Let us know in the comments below.

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