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Jigsaw24 are totally overexcited by Avid’s new product announcements. Firstly, hot on the heels of the Pro Tools 12.2 and the new Avid All Access Plans and Plug-In bundle launch in September, Avid announced Pro Tools 12.3 which offers powerful new workflow and editing enhancements. Secondly, Avid announced a new cost-effective, ergonomic, EUCON control surface – the Pro Tools | Dock – to enhance and integrate the Pro Tools | Control free iOS app experience, as well as work with the Pro Tools | S3 control surface and Artist Mix.

New! Pro Tools 12.3

(For HD and Standard Pro Tools) Track Commit and Track Bounce workflows, Clip Transparency while editing or moving clips or fades, batch fade enhancements and shortcuts, AudioSuite Pitch II.

Avid Pro Tools 12.3 2015

These features are born from user requests and are also precursors to streamlining Pro Tools cloud collaboration workflows. Also coming soon in the following release after 12.3, is the highly requested ‘sister’ feature to Track Commit – Track Freeze. They are similar, but both offer more choice to the user for the best fit for their workflow. One thing’s for sure; Avid’s Commit and Track Freeze implementation is more flexible and ultimately offers more options to users than other comparable DAWs on the market. Check out the YouTube video below that runs through some different scenarios and workflows enhanced by the new features in Pro Tools 12.3.

New! Pro Tools | Dock

The second major product announcement is a brand new compact, ergonomic, EUCON control surface for integrating our the free Pro Tools | Control iPad app. The Dock is based on the advanced touchscreen workflows on the Master Touch Module on the award-winning Pro Tools | S6. Both systems demonstrate the philosophy that mixers need the best of physical faders, knobs, and switches in conjunction with touchscreen technology for things like fast navigation, metering, and on-screen plug-in control – a true hybrid approach. When the Dock is paired with Pro Tools | S3, you gain complimentary and enhanced functionality with the dedicated automation switches, transport controls, weighted aluminium jog wheel, colour-coded Soft Key switches, and more. Mixing deadlines have met their match!

Avid S3|Pro Tools Dock 2015

The Pro Tools | Dock’s eight soft knobs can be used to control parameters like EQ (pictured), dynamics, panning, and sends on the attentioned (focused) channel – a la the S6 Master Touch Module. ‘Attentioning’ a track is as easy as touching the track tile on the screen and it brings it to the fader. This new ‘super’ channel view on Pro Tools | Control is unlocked while using the Dock or S3. A highly requested enhancement, that will be free to all Control app users, is the colour mapped Soft Keys larger view, the two rows of LED colour-coded buttons on the Dock right below the screen change colours and map to the Soft Keys in the smaller view on your Apple iPad – lining up directly underneath the matching soft button onscreen.

Avid Pro Tools|Dock 2015

The Avid Pro Tools | Dock works standalone with an Apple iPad and will be available in early 2016 at £799 +VAT RRP – (iPad sold separately). The Dock also integrates with the Pro Tools | S3 to offer a powerful, ergonomic, editing and mixing system for under £3999 +VAT RRP.

For further information or to book a demo in our central London based ‘Steampunk’ studio please contact our Avid Audio Specialists on 03332 400 888 or

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