Our top five new features in OS X El Capitan

With the latest OS X, El Capitan, ready for download and spreading like wild fire, we thought it only appropriate that we round up our top five tips and tricks that’ll save you time, energy and make you question how you ever lived without them. 

1. Cursor locator

Our first (and probably our favourite) new feature is the cursor locator feature. Never again will we sit shaking our mouse to find the cursor on screen, now Apple have built in an intuitive new feature which registers the shaking of your mouse or finger movement on the trackpad, enlarging the cursor so you can spot it easily.

2. Split View in full-screen mode

At long last we can finally have more than one application open at once! Simply click the green window-resize button to activate the new Split View feature, and choose the amount of space you want each app to take up on your screen.

3. Pin tabs in Safari

While you can already pin tabs in Chrome and Firefox, Apple have now added the feature to Safari, allowing users to tag their favourite and frequently visited websites. So, even if you quit Safari you can always access your pinned tabs later. Pinning a tab in Safari is super user-friendly and simply requires you to drag the tab you want to pin to the left. To unpin your tabs, drag the tab to the right. Easy.

4. Swipe to delete in Mail

Apple have added two new gestures to the Mail app (both of which will be familiar to iOS users). Select your email and swipe right to delete it, or swipe left to mark it as unread.

5. How to tell which Safari tabs are playing audio in Safari 9.0 

Never again will we scramble about to find which of the 20 tabs we have open is blaring out an advert for washing powder. New in Safari 9.0 for El Capitan and Yosemite, Safari will identify which of your open tabs is playing audio, by displaying a speaker icon in the right-hand corner of the tab (much like Chrome for Mac already does). But Apple take things one step further, allowing you to click on the speaker icon to mute individual tabs.

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