Education app of the week: Videon for iPad

When you’re using a microphone for video, you really need audio metering to check that your mic is working. The iPad Camera app doesn’t have that, so I looked in to pro video camera apps and came across Videon for iPad.

What is Videon for iPad?

Videon (Lucky Clan, £3.99) is a video camera app that helps you create professional quality video all within one app – from capture to editing to viewing. If you’re using a tripod and microphone along with iPad to record video in the classroom, you’ll find it much better than Apple’s built-in Camera app, with tons of easy to use features to enhance your video and workflow. Video can be saved to the Camera Roll on iPad, but also saved into the app itself, where you can edit and add effects before saving to your Camera Roll.


How can it benefit the classroom?

Just some of those features that will really benefit your in-class video include: being able to set a point for the camera to focus on and a different one to calculate exposure (very useful!); a really smooth zoom function with an on-screen control; optional audio meters which you can turn on if you use an external mic (essential for knowing if your mic is picking up audio); and lock buttons for exposure, focus and white balance.

What’s the best feature?

I really like the comprehensive editing functionality, which comes with some nice vintage effects like colour degradation, flicker and dust, grain etc, and also resizing, rotating, straightening and more very unusual and useful tricks you don’t even get in iMovie. You can even edit together multiple clips within the app as well. Teachers have often told me that their videos end up upside down. Not any more!

Where can I get it?

You can purchase Videon (Lucky Clan, £3.99) from the App Store on iPad or from iTunes. Even though Apple’s iMovie is a slick video editor which you can get for free with a new iPad, Videon is a great alternative to the Camera app, and it also comes with plenty of professional and different features that make capturing, editing and viewing video quick and easy.

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