Weekly design inspiration: Coat of arms

This week, we unveiled our latest piece of Jigsaw24 artistry, our own coat of arms. Featuring all our best assets, zebra included, it got us thinking about our favourite and most memorable heraldic works (we’ve got odd hobbies). Here’s what the team came up with, including Canadian, local and magical coats of arms…

Visually stunning Canadian coats

First up, we’re marvelling at the brilliance and slight madness of the coats of arms of the Canadian states. Whereas us Europeans like to keep our coats traditional and feature lots of lions and medieval shields, we were thrilled to find the Canadians not taking things as seriously and thinking more creatively. Who wouldn’t want their coat of arms to feature bison mermaids, flying polar bears or rainbow jaguars?

polar bear coat

bison coat

rainbow coat

Visually stunning Canadian coats of arms via nationalpost.com

Nottingham coat of arms

Looking more locally now, we’ve been investigating Nottingham’s changing coat of arms. Our current coat of arms has been standing since 1933, and features a pair of stags and a castle. Missing is any reference to our beloved outlaw Robin Hood, who was removed from the coat way back in 1905. We’d quite like him to be reinstated, maybe in his Disney fox form.

nottingham coat

robin nottingham coar

Nottingham coat of arms via ngw.nl


We couldn’t talk about coats of arms without mentioning the wonderfully detailed and artistic coat of arms of our favourite magical school, Hogwarts. We love the school motto, which translates to ‘never tickle a sleeping dragon’ and the royal gold colour scheme, and who could forget the Hufflepuff badger?

hogwarts colour

hogwarts bandw

Hogwarts coat of arms via pinterest.com

Traditional pub signs

Carrying on from Hogwarts we thought we’d mention another one of our favourite things, pubs. While pub signs might not be the main reason we visit such an establishment, we all enjoy a good bit of pub signage, especially the example below, a hand-painted sign from artist Andrew Grundon.

pub crest 2 pub crest

Traditional pub signs via marchantandmakers.com

Game of Thrones coat of arms

Our final piece for this week is a collection of Game of Thrones-inspired coat of arms for the Seven Kingdoms’ houses from Russian designer Ivan Belikov. We particularly like his illustrations for the House of Stark and House of Targaryen.

game of thrones crest

game of thrones crest 2

Game of Thrones crests via Behance.net

Introducing the Jigsaw24 coat of arms

Let’s take a moment now to appreciate our new coat of arms in all of its lipstick-wearing zebra glory. You are welcome.



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