Weekly design inspiration: Theatre

This week, we’ve been getting into the acting spirit and celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. So, we’ve all been donning our best accents, stage makeup and collecting our favourite pieces of theatre inspired artwork. We give you Vegas stage sets, acting tips, paper theatre and Les Misérables…

Le Reve “The Dream” at the Wynn, Las Vegas

First up we’re looking at set design from ‘Le Reve’ the popular Las Vegas show held at the Wynn Casino. A particularly impressive setup, the stage features water, fire, swimming, acrobatics and a great deal of trust from its performers. A definite must-see if you’re in Vegas!

Le Reve (The Dream) at the Wynn, Las Vegas via YouTube

Katrin Brack: Stage designer

Next up we’re looking at some of the stunning sets created by stage designer Katrin Brack. Simplicity is the key here, with lots of Katrin’s stagings featuring confetti, lights and balloons. Here’s a look at a few of our favourites.

set design, theatre-themed design inspiration theatre-themed design inspiration theatre-themed design inspiration

Katrin Brack stage design via goethe.de

Practical illustrations of rhetorical gesture and action

Just the sort of thing every marketeer should be familiar with, rhetorical gestures and action. Today we learnt that without realising it, we’ve been displaying stances of fashionable impudence and jealous rage in our infographics. Going forwards we will all study ‘Practical illustrations of rhetorical gesture and action’ in great depth so as not to confuse these actions again.

rhetorical gesture, theatre-themed design inspiration rhetorical gesture, theatre-themed design inspiration

‘Practical illustrations of rhetorical gesture and action’ via archive.org

Papercraft Dioramas

Turning now to everyone’s favourite combination: papercraft, set design and animation. We’ve been admiring the work of artist duo Davy and Kristin McGuire and their quaint paper dioramas. With the help of a little digital projection mapping they’ve produced a series of theatrical installations (which we all expected to be far more sinister than they were). We’ve included our favourite, a cheeky wildlife number, below.

Production designer: Eve Stewart

Our final piece is a homage to the film version of Les Misérables. Although, technically we’ve been looking at the film adaptation and not the theatre production, we were so taken with the set design that we felt it deserved a spot in our lineup.  We were all fascinated to discover the work that went into building the sets for the film, created by production designer Eve Stewart. It’s the most uses for plastic we’ve ever seen.

Les Miserable – craft featurette: production design via YouTube

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