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A few weeks ago we gleefully announced the release of the 3ds Max 2011 Advantage Pack, mainly because of the news that it contained iray, but we didn’t make much of a fuss about Maya at all.

So, to correct that and to give it the coverage it surely deserves, here’s a run down of the many new benefits you can enjoy with the Maya 2011 Advantage Pack.

– We read the documentation and counted no less than 104 bug fixes, which is good going for a mid season upgrade.

– You can now import Softimage ICE effects directly into Maya for use in your scenes.

– Maya now supports these OpenEXR compression methods: RLE, PIZ, ZIP and PXR24.

– Additions to the Maya marking menus now make selections to popular modelling tools faster and easier.

– The same Allegorithmic Substances textures included with the 3ds Max advantage pack.

Craft Animation

Craft Animation are synonymous with their vehicle and camera animation tools, which eliminate the need for laborious and complex rigging, scripting and keyframing. The advantage pack now incorporates some of those tools directly within Maya.

Select a rig preset and assign it to your model vehicle, then define the ground plane and you’re ready to go! You can then use your keyboard or joystick to drive your model around the scene, while recording your journey to use in animations or games.

Then parent on the new cameras, such as the SoftMotionCam, to the animated rig. Position it as you like and let it chase the car around the scene in a soft and smooth transition. The soft motion ensures the camera sways and gives in accordance with the speed and direction of the car. Previously, this would need to be done by tedious keyframing by an animator.

The following camera rigs and vehicles from Craft Animation are now available with Maya:

– Craft SoftMotionCam

– Craft ObserverCam

– Craft MultiStateCam

– Craft HumanizerCam

– LookAtCam

– ObserverFree

– 4WheelerFree

– AirplaneFree

These new tools provide real competition for the new features brought out in Cinema4D R12 and further expand the immensely impressive tools in Maya.

Mocap Samples

70 new motion capture sample files of both male and female actors have been added. Select the Mocap Example tab from the Visor (in the General Editors in the Window menu), then use the powerful re-targeting tools to apply to your model.


Maya now includes a number of preset effects called Effects Assets. Building on the Maya Asset framework and simulation toolsets, Effects Assets present the most relevant attributes for an effect, making it easy to customise for your scene. Effects Assets are available in the Visor window.

For example, the new bomb effect contains nParticles, emitters, fluids and forces, which are now collated so the user has all the controls in one window. This makes it much quicker to get to the effect you want.

So there you have it, the Maya 2011 Advantage Pack contains so many new features that promise to make the lives of animators and VFX artists a lot easier. But remember – these tools are only available to holders of a Maya subscription.

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