Weekly design inspiration: Amsterdam

This week sure has been an exciting one – not only were we treated to a whole host of new products from Apple’s Hey Siri event, but we’re also being spoiled with news from IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. So, we thought it only fitting to dedicate our creative inspiration this week to Amsterdam-themed content. By some miracle, we all managed to keep things clean. Here’s our roundup featuring curly coffee shop fonts, bike trackers and a 3D printed bridge…

Amsterdamse Krulletter typography

First up we’ve been looking at writer and publisher John Boardley’s research on Amsterdamse Krulletter, the curly font used in many brown cafes. Lots of the pubs in the popular Jordaan and De Pijp areas in Amsterdam feature the font in their signs, one we all agreed was a really cute example of Dutch graphic tradition.

Design inspiration Amsterdam typography


Amsterdamse Krulletter typography via ilovetypography.com

Rijksstudio Award 2015

Every year the Rijksmuseum holds their own ‘make your own masterpiece’ competition to encourage people to create a design of their own using something from the Rijksmuseum’s collection. Every form of art is allowed including design, fine art, applied art, photography and video. We really enjoyed flicking through the entries from this year (there’s some great pottery work going on) – a really good find for some quick inspiration!

Rijksstudio Award 2015 via Rijksmuseum.nl

Reflections of Amsterdam

Next up we’ve been looking at this stunning collection of photos entitled ‘Reflections of Amsterdam’ and admiring all of our favourite parts of the city  beautifully captured in water and window reflections. This collection contains 2545 photos, perfect for browsing on a lazy Friday afternoon…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.41.17 Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.41.28 Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.41.38
Reflections of Amsterdam via flickr

Pingbell bike locator

In true Jigsaw24-style, we’re going techy now and looking at this seriously clever bike locator project from Frolic Studio. As part of an ongoing creative project, members of Frolic Studio write down suggestions and common problems, which they can come up with solutions to in just 24 hours during gaps in between projects. One of their projects involved building a solution for locating your bike in the centre of Amsterdam. Using Makerbot 3D printers, iBeacon technology and a common bike bell, Frolic Studio designed a tracking system that allows you to locate your bike using your phone.

Pingbell bike locator via whatdesigncando.com

3D printed bridge

Again, for our final piece we’ve been looking at technology and startup company MX3D’s attempt to 3D print a steel bridge over a canal in Amsterdam. Take a look at the video below to see how they do it…

MX3D Bridge via mx3d.com


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