Autodesk Troubleshooting: upgrading software using serial numbers

Every week I get technical questions from customers who are struggling to set up and install their newly purchased Autodesk products. In this first of a series that tackles the most common licensing and activation queries, I’ll be telling you how to upgrade if you don’t have your serial number.

Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep track of serial numbers and product keys, so we’ve sat down and gone through all the different scenarios that you may find yourself in. The result: we’ve figured out that the only time a customer could be left without the serial number and installer is when updating software under active Autodesk Subscription.

When you buy Autodesk Subscription, you have to submit end-user details. In return, that specified user will be sent login details for the admin account on the Autodesk Subscription website. From here you will be able to retrieve serials and download new versions. Just sign in with the details sent to you from Autodesk, then get your new software by following these steps:

– Click on the big yellow button labelled ‘Get Your Upgrade’. To retrieve your serial number, click on Contract Administration, located on the left-hand side (highlighted in red).

– From there, click on Coverage Report which opens the page below where all your licence information will be shown (as opposed to the greyed-out box).

– The serial numbers and product keys for all your products will be listed here.

So there you have it. From the subscription website, you can access everything you will ever need, as long as you are the contract administrator. If you purchase more Autodesk software, just provide us with your contract number and we’ll ensure the new software is added to your existing account. The contract number is listed in the Coverage Report website, accessible from the Subscription website.

Easy, right?

Well, not exactly. In many cases, especially in educational institutes, software purchases will be carried out by procurement and not the actual end user or IT technician. This means someone totally unconnected to the install and management of the software has sole access to all the vital information.

When new software is released (to which you are entitled an upgrade under subscription), Autodesk will email the admin account with new details. In many cases this email is lost or does not get passed on to the person who is actually installing the new software. It is usually at this point that we get contacted for support.

The solution

If possible, at the point of purchase, register the software to the person or department that is going to be installing and maintaining it, then that way they will have the administration account necessary to access the installer and serial.

Another way would be to get the administrator to create a separate account on the subscription website for the person or department who is tasked with installing it. Under that account the user will be able to download all the latest versions, but still won’t have access to the serial and product keys that will have to come from the admin account.

For all new purchases, upgrades and crossgrades, you will receive a physical product with the serial number and product key printed on the back. This holds true for all Autodesk products, standalone or networked.

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