Education app of the week: iTranslate for iPad

For this week’s app of the week, we’re saying ‘hola’ to iTranslate – a fantastic free iPad translation tool that’s great for the classroom.

What is iTranslate?

iTranslate (Sonico GmbH, free) is an incredibly quick and easy to use translation app featuring more than 90 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu. Open up the app and you’re immediately faced with the translation screen – simply tap on the input language to choose the language of the word or phrase you want to translate, type into the input box, choose your output language and tap the translate icon to get your result. iTranslate will even speak the results back to you.


How can it benefit the classroom?

The obvious application for iTranslate is in modern foreign languages, but it can also be very handy in supporting students for whom English is not their first language. With a comprehensive built-in dictionary, you get more accurate, intelligent, context-specific results for translations, beating other translator apps which just give you one result.

As a very basic example, translating the English word ‘house’ to Spanish won’t just bring up the noun ‘casa’, as in building, but also the verb forms of accommodate – ‘alojar’, ‘hospedar’ and ‘albergar’.

What’s the best feature?

The free version of iTranslate has just received a major update that allows you to add a translating keyboard to apps as an extension through your device’s Settings. This means students can translate text from any app, be it Notes or Messages, without having to leave the app and open up iTranslate. Fantastisch!

Where can I get it?

iTranslate (Sonico GmbH, free) is free, although there is a Premium version, costing £3.99, which adds voice dictation, blocks ads and gives you unlimited translations. You can download it from the App Store on your iPad or by heading to iTunes.

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