Education app of the week: Padlet for iPad

The makers of collaborative web tool Padlet have just launched an app for iPad. Hurrah! We think Padlet is a great learning tool for the classroom, making it easier for students and educators to share ideas and learn in class. Let’s take a quick look…

What is Padlet?

Basically, Padlet is a virtual sheet of paper where users can share any content, on any topic, with anyone they like – and now, from your iPad. Padlet makes sharing and collaborating easier and simpler than ever. Users can add everything from images, to links, YouTube videos, files and even simple wall posts onto a Padlet, which can then be shared, meaning that users can connect and use it from just about anywhere, anytime! Now that Padlet has developed an iPad app (that’s free!), we think it would be a really great tool to use with students in class.

How can it be used in the classroom?

Padlet’s versatility means that it is brimming with uses that can revolutionise student learning both in and out of the classroom, and provide students with a dynamic, multi-channel learning experience. For example, Padlet can be used by teachers to bookmark, share and aggregate learning resources relevant for students’ learning. Posting them on the classroom wall enables students to access and engage with these resources on multiple devices. Another interactive way both teachers and students can use their classroom Padlet is as a brainstorming tool. Creating a Padlet wall for the whole class means students can collect and share ideas about a given topic, they can then use their class Padlet as a backchannel tool in class for sharing their reflections on what they have learned, raise questions, and ask about things they need help with.

What’s the best feature?

We especially liked how user-friendly the Padlet app is. The simple and minimalist Padlet interface allows users to get the hang of how to use Padlet very quickly and begin sharing and collaborating immediately. We also liked how you can customise your wall to look exactly how you want it. You can choose how posts appear on the wall, change privacy features allowing you to approve posts, decide who can see your wall and more!

Padlet for schools

Padlet also have a special subscription for schools called Padlet Backpack. This has all the great Padlet features but with Padlet Backpack, schools have more privacy, security, and montoring options, which is particularly important for an education environment. The special edition of Padlet Backpack is also useful for educators as it has administrator options and access control, allowing teachers to add and remove people from their school Padlet domain and also to give and revoke access.

Where can I get it?

The Padlet app is accessible to everyone and is completely free! You can download it from the App Store on your iPad, or by heading to iTunes. If you’d like to find out more about Padlet or Padlet Backpack for schools, get in touch with us!

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