Education app of the week: BandLab for iOS

This week, we’re singing the praises of BandLab, a great free music-making tool, that lets students quickly capture their musical ideas, edit them and share – all from within the app!

What is BandLab for iOS?

BandLab (BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd, free) is a free music-making app that focuses on getting those initial ideas down as soon as you have them. Tap the microphone icon, and you’re able to record audio using the iPhone microphone, as well as type notes and use the camera to snap some visual inspiration. You can then save your ideas and package them up into a song, ready to be shared via email or social media.

While it’s been available for Android for a little while, it’s only just made its way to the App Store in the form of an iOS app for iPhone (no word on an iPad version yet, though).


How can it benefit the classroom?

While there are plenty of recording apps out there on the App Store, as well as the Voice Memos app built into iPhone, BandLab takes it one stop further by really thinking about the songwriting process, and especially that initial idea stage. A big benefit for the classroom is its collaborative nature. You’re able to create bands (a chance for Shariff and the Dreamers to finally get a bit of recognition), and add other users either through BandLab or via email invitation to share ideas and songs – great for group work in music.

What’s the best feature?

While the focus in BandLab does seem to be on quickly getting down those first ideas, I was surprised to find out it actually packs a decent editor in too. In ‘Create a Song’, tap ‘PRO MODE’, and you’ll open up a mix editor that lets you add multiple tracks and import samples from your music library, as well as adjust metronome settings and more. The timeline view will be familiar to any students who have used other audio and video editing apps and, while not quite on the same feature-packed level as GarageBand or the like, it’s still a pretty nifty audio editor.

Where can I get it?

BandLab (BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd, free) is free to sign up for, whether you create a new account or sign in with Facebook or Google. You can download it from the App Store on your iPad or by heading to iTunes.

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