Weekly design inspiration: GIFs

This week, we’ve been on our best behaviour and have selected our favourite (clean) animated gifs. Here’s our top five, made up of a nice selection of sketches, a slightly sadistic love story and a woman suggestively licking her lips…

It’s no biggie

First up, we’re going a bit soft and girly and looking at these rather adorable sketched gifs from ‘it’s no biggie’ on Tumblr. We’ve picked out our favourites below, although we’d highly recommend you check out the full collection!




It’s no biggie via tumblr.com

Happy 2015!

Who doesn’t love a nice icy landscape? We certainly do, which is why we’ve selected this intricate New Year inspired gif from French illustrator Tom Haugomat. For some reason, we find ourselves unable to look away from this, in the hopes that something might pop up from within the lake, or the sky will turn a different colour.


Happy 2015 via Behance

39 days of animated type

Next up we’ve been looking at the work of Norwegian illustrator Daniel Brokstad and his alphabet gifs inspired by a recent ’36 days of type’ project. Apart from being baffled by how many extra letters the Norwegian alphabet has, we found this collection utterly charming! Here’s a few examples of our favourites…

ezgif-3978137623 ezgif-3284125560

39 days of animated type via Behance

One romantic night

Now for a slightly sadistic one, we’ve been looking at this storyboard gif from Stas Santimov. As well as telling an enchanting story, we really love the attention to detail in each of these gifs, from the ticking of the clock to the flies flying around the light bulbs.

ezgif-28427025 ezgif-3593101473

One romantic night via Behance

Glasses Direct cinemagraphs

Glasses Direct have had a rebrand, with a little help from design company SomeOne. What they’ve produced is a new set of animated gifs that give the illusion of being a still life, but have a minor element of movement going on (also know as a cinemagraph). We really like these, and became quite competitive about trying to find the moving element first. The flickering candle and the moving clock hand gifs are really great, but we aren’t quite sure how we feel about the lip-licking woman – every time she moves we think she’s trying to flirt with us.

ezgif-1673705970 ezgif-3641683104

Glasses Direct cinemagraphs via underconsideration.com

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