Avid Pro Tools | S6: Mixing Redefined (Part Two)

In this part of the article series, we look at the modular design of the Avid Pro Tools | S6 control surface

Modular design

Build your own console

Because S6 can be scaled both horizontally and vertically using an array of surface modules, you can configure it with the modules you need now to fit your budget, with room to expand as your needs grow. Choose one of the pre-configured systems or build your own. Here’s a look at the various modules and other hardware you can choose.

Channel modules

Channel modules provide the control and feedback elements you need from faders and knobs, to processing and metering. All modules feature reliable, high-speed Ethernet connectivity for easy set-up. Whether a pre-configured surface meets your needs or you want to mix and match modules in your own custom creation, here are the modules you can choose:

S6 fader module:

– Eight motorised faders.

– Dual tri-colour LED meters per channel (with gain reduction meter).

– Mute, solo and other switches with colour LEDs.

– Control levels for eight simultaneous tracks.


S6 knob module:

– 32 multicolour LED top-lit knobs (four per channel) 32 OLED displays for labels and visual feedback.

– 11 function select switches per channel with colour LEDs.

– Works in conjunction with the Process Module.

– Control up to 32 simultaneous encoder values; stack two Knob Modules (S6 M40-based surfaces only) to get up to nine knobs per channel.


S6 process module:

– Eight multicolour LED top-lit knobs (one per channel).

– 22 function select switches per channel with colour LEDs.

– Eight OLED displays for labels and visual feedback.

– Provides mode selectors for Knob Modules to control up to nine simultaneous encoder values.


S6 display module:

– 8-channel high-resolution TFT display.

– Integrated single board computer.

– Available only with S6 M40 configurations.

– Provides deep visual feedback, including channel names, audio meters, routing groups, DAW affiliation, scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, and more.


S6 automation module:

This master module is included in all pre-configured systems, but is an optional add when building your own S6 M40-based surface (though you’d probably want one). It features a full transport control section (including a shuttle/jog wheel), focus fader, automation control, colour shortcut displays and switches, a numeric keypad, and more for writing automation and navigating projects.


S6 joystick module:

This master module is an option for both M10 and M40 based S6 systems and offers dual non-motorised, touch-sensitive joysticks for surround sound mixing, enabling you to position sound anywhere within a room. A 3.2-inch TFT display shows current pan and joystick locations. The module also features two multicolour LED top-lit encoders, 16 panning mode switches with colour LEDs, and other panning control switches for controlling positioning, divergence, and more with precision. Plus, four OLED displays provide detailed visual feedback and info. The Joystick Module can also be used to control any other knob parameter on S6 to create a wide range of effects.


S6 post module: 

This master module is an option for both M10- and M40-based S6 systems. Designed for re-recording mixers and other audio post pros, this sound mixing/monitoring master module that enables you to switch between recorded tracks/stems and their inputs and punch into record. It offers two rows of 10 PEC/DIRECT paddles with solo and mute buttons. Each paddle includes a high-resolution OLED display to view track/stem names. You can also spill stems out onto adjacent paddles for individual control and customize Soft Keys on the 3.2-inch TFT. With dedicated monitor controls, the S6 Post Module greatly speeds up workflows, enabling you to quickly switch between monitors and dim, cut, or fold down your mix. And with VCA support on the paddles, you can easily control over 200 tracks to create the biggest, most immersive soundtracks.

Avid S6 Post Module 2016

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