Education app of the week: goREACT for iPad

Periodic table poster getting a little ragged? goREACT for iPad not only displays the full table of elements on your iPad, but lets you get interactive and create your own chemical reactions too (without any classroom-based explosions…)

What is goREACT for iPad?

goREACT (Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, free) is an app based on the Mendeleev periodic table that lets students learn about chemical elements and reactions on iPad, with all 118 elements listed by family and atomic number (you can also turn on atomic weights).

Tap once on each element for a brief summary of its properties, and an image; double tap on an element to add it to the ‘Reaction Area’. For example, tapping Fe tells you iron is a magnetic metal that’s been used in industry and decoration for thousands of years. It then prompts you to ‘Try adding some oxygen’, which results in the two elements reacting to form an iron oxide molecule (FeO), and giving a short description of rust.


How can it benefit the classroom?

Remembering and interpreting the periodic table can be tricky (it still catches us out in the pub quiz. goREACT helps by giving a more engaging way to tick off those KS3 chemistry curriculum points that relate directly to the periodic table – the varying physical and chemical properties of different elements, the principles underpinning the Mendeleev periodic table (periods and groups, metals and non-metals etc), predicting patterns in reactions, and the chemical properties of metal and non-metal oxides with respect to acidity.

What’s the best feature?

It always helps to give a bit of context, so the ‘Featured Reactions’ menu is particularly useful. This guides you through themed sets of chemical reactions that pertain to specific applications, including: It’s Personal (beauty and cosmetics),  Around the House (household), Vroom! (motoring), Mother Nature (the environment), and Get Technical (electronics).

Where can I get it?

goREACT (Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, free) is completely free, and you can download it now from the App Store on iPad, or by heading to iTunes.

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