Our top Creative Cloud features for creative and IT users

Now that it has been over two years since we made the move from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud, we thought we’d put together our top three features for both creative and IT users. Here’s what we came up with…

For creatives:

Latest versions

If there’s one thing we love about Creative Cloud, which we didn’t get with Creative Suite, it’s that we always get access to new updates as soon as they’re available. Adobe are constantly adding new features and productivity enhancements to core apps. For instance, in the 2015 update our favourite app, Photoshop, is now 120 times faster than Creative Suite 6 and now comes with new features like artboards and Device Preview to make it easier to design for different devices, so you can deliver your work at much better quality in quicker time frames.

Easy collaboration

Not only do we not have to keep our voices down in this library, but we can also store all of our custom images, brushes, text styles and colours (for quick access whenever and wherever we need them), we can even share libraries with the right people at the push of a button, so it’s easy to keep designs consistent. These can even be linked so if they’re changed they will automatically update across any projects they’re being used in.

Dedicated support

When you take out a Creative Cloud for teams licence, not only do you get access to all the wonderful, newly updated apps, but you also get support thrown in too. You have access to a 24/7 support line, so if you run into any difficulties you can phone an Adobe Product Expert for advice. There’s also hundreds of online tutorials and product guides to follow and pick up new skills from.

For IT:

Simplified licence management

Creative Cloud makes managing licences and keeping compliant far simpler for businesses. For a start, we can manage all our purchases under one agreement, rather than loads of individual licences, and an online Admin Console lets us easily add, assign and re-assign seats to users across the business. It all means we have greater visibility and better budget predictability.

Centralised deployment

Another feature that IT admins are going to love is Adobe Packager. This lets us ‘package’ all our Creative Cloud apps, or create customised subsets of specific apps for specific teams. The app packages can then be deployed to users across the organisation, either over the network, via external storage devices, or through mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Creative Cloud also lets us allow team members to self-install updates, or do it centrally, so we can install updates whenever’s convenient, and ensure version parity across all desktops.

Comprehensive support

Creative Cloud now comes with dedicated 24/7 technical support, so any admins needing help out of office hours can connect with an Adobe rep either over the phone or web to resolve critical issues, minimise creative downtime and keep teams running smoothly. To help with startup, Adobe also offer free live onboarding sessions as online webinars, which walk through the basics of Creative Cloud and VIP step by step.

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