Integrating Mac into the classroom

Whether you opt for a Mac desktop like Mac Pro or iMac, or you decide on a class set of Mac notebooks like MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, managing your Mac estate and integrating it into the classroom can seem like a daunting challenge. But fear not, our 20 years of experience in the industry has taught us valuable skills, which we’ve turned into services to help educational institutions from primary level to higher and further education integrate Mac into their existing IT infrastructure. Here’s a rundown of how we can help you…

Control your Mac estate using Windows servers

If you’re currently running a PC environment, you might have your doubts about bringing in Mac, thinking you’ll need Mac-specific accessories to manage them. Where we can help is by setting your new Mac estate up to run off your existing Windows servers, so you’ll have the same level of control and safety over your new machines as you do on your existing PC network.

Setting up virtual Windows desktops on Mac machines

If you’re going to be using Mac and PC, you’ll be happy to hear that you can run Windows on your Mac. Your Mac computers will come with the Boot Camp function built in, which allows your students (or staff) to select which operating system they’d like to run when their machine starts up. It’s worth noting though, that if you wanted to switch between operating systems you’d need to reboot your computer. So, if you’re looking for something a little more robust, our engineers can set you up with software like Acronis Access Connect, which ensures students on either platform can see the same files and access the same printers.

Readying your current IT infrastructure

Before you even start thinking about integrating new technologies, it’s vital that your existing ones are able to deal with the change. We can send a member of the team round to scope out your servers, WiFi and the rest of your existing setup and estates to make sure you’re ready for the arrival of your shiny new Mac computers.

A final note…

While it’s all well and good having shiny tech, it seems almost redundant if your staff don’t know how to use it. We offer a range of Apple education training to get your staff up to speed on their tech in next to no time. Head on over to our Apple in education training webpage to see how we can help.

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