5 signs you might need Backup24

Assets all over the shop? Don’t have fast and easy access to data? If any of the following scenarios sound painfully familiar, chances are you could benefit from our secure, offsite, managed backup, Backup24

1. “Our business is growing… and so are our assets!”

If you find yourself needing to store more data and assets following growth and business development, Backup24 can help. Our offsite tier 2+ data centre lets you store and access as much data as you want, so you’re not restricted from pitching for new business because you don’t have the storage capacity.

2. “We’re diversifying into video, and all that footage is racking up!”

Rich digital media such as video footage can take up a lot of space, especially if you’re making the move to shooting in 4K. Instead of relying on storing and archiving everything locally, take a look at our backup service, featuring daily syncs, multiple versions and routine checks so you can be sure your work is always secure.

3. “We’re juggling assets all over the shop!”

Are you switching from drive to tape storage, and back again? Unstructured data can be a nightmare, but with Backup24, you have everything in one place, whether it’s video, audio or image files.

4. “We need quick access when we’re up against it!”

Don’t get caught out on deadline day because you don’t have fast and easy access to data. Backing up with Backup24 means you have physical access to a secure copy of your data available to you at any time, especially when it really matters.

5. “We’re wasting time looking for assets!”

If looking for files is taking up more time than it should, you could benefit from Backup24. You can be more productive, as you don’t waste time redoing lost work, plus you have multiple versions of files, giving you access to previous iterations of work and assets as needed.

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