Education app of the week: PopBoardz for iPad

We’re looking at PopBoardz for iPad this week – an app that lets you present and share slides containing file types of all sorts, including video. A great one to add to yours and students’ presentation toolkit…

What is PopBoardz for iPad?

The premise of PopBoardz (Moonbeach Inc, free) is simple – organise, present and share your ideas on one tile, or ‘board’. Unlike some ‘moodboard’-style apps though, PopBoardz allows you to upload all kinds of file type, including images and videos. All you have to do is open the app, tap and hold a tile to start importing media, and edit away before sharing with colleagues or students.


How can it benefit the classroom?

While PopBoardz is great for delivering presentations to students via Apple TV, it’s also really beneficial as a tool for students to organise notes on various topics. Say the class is studying a text like Romeo and Juliet – you can ask them to create boards along the way based on their thoughts, including text, imagery and video, which can then be used as reference aids when it comes to writing up that all-important essay. The same goes for complex experiments in science – students can take photos at each step, upload them to PopBoardz with accompanying captions, and then have evidence to back up their conclusion. The applications for education are really endless.

What’s the best feature?

The thing that marks PopBoardz out from other ‘moodboard’ apps is the wide range of media you’re able to arrange on one board. Import PDFs, JPEGs, notes, websites and videos all into the same board. Videos can only be imported from iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive though, so you just have to make sure you’ve done that first.

Where can I get it?

You can easily download PopBoardz (Moonbeach Inc, free) to iPad, and iPhone, from the App Store or iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Education app of the week: PopBoardz for iPad

  1. I wouldn’t be without PopBoardz for my teaching. It allows me to move seamlessly between media modes, thus preventing the chance for inattention to set in. I can display worksheets to clarify how to complete them for students who struggle a bit with verbal instructions. I can easily access my lesson plan notes. My students submit their multimedia projects on PopBoardz, building them as their team completes the different aspects. Love, love, love PB!

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