Weekly design inspiration: Doughnuts

After satisfying our inner shutterbug with last week’s photography-themed inspo, we’ve turned our sights on one of the loftiest and most sacred institutions of this or any other nation: National Doughnut Day. “That sounds like a made up holiday!” we hear you cry. “Everything has a day now! Are you really going to encourage such crass commercial hysteria?” Yes. Yes we are. There are free doughnuts at stake.

The first doughnut in space

Our collective knowledge of the Swedish space programme is limited, but we’re fairly sure this is its crowning glory. Brothers Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson attached their favourite snack food and a heavily padded GoPro to a weather balloon, snuck over the border to Norway (or drove there because they’re more relaxed about launch permits, whatever) and launched a doughnut higher into the firmament than any baked good has ever been before.

Be sure to watch the bonus video of them eating a waterlogged, several-day-old doughnut while explaining irritatedly that they’re not Norwegian. That’s the kind of quality content that keeps the internet on.

The first doughnut in space is a beautiful thing via Good.com

The Secret Donut Society

Ask most people to spitball brand ideas for a doughnut shop, and they’ll give you ideas based around non-threatening fonts, pastel colours and the promise of maple-glazed happiness. Not so José Velázquez and Cici Peralta. Tasked with branding an “underground donut shop” in San Pedro Garza Garcia, they created the Secret Donut Society: an Illuminati-inspired store with some distinctly Masonic leanings.  We’ve never felt so intimidated by an icon of a whisk.

The Secret Donut Society via Behance

Meet Doughbot

It’s 3pm. You’re in a strange town. You feel the kind of gnawing hunger that only a fresh, crisp doughnut can sate but alas! You have no idea where you might find one. You ask strangers for help but they shun you. Children run from you, afraid. All seems lost. But then, you remember Doughbot.

This charming 50s-style robot is the host of the Doughbot app (inexplicable launch trailer below), which lets you locate your nearest doughnut store any time, anywhere, all through a lovely pastel interface. Hands down the best way to get directions to a Greggs.

Doughbot Launch Video from tim tolbert on Vimeo.

Visit meetdoughbot.com 

A world of doughnuts? Yes please…

Russian agency Brandiziac have imagined what is possibly the best of all conceivable realities: a land made almost entirely of doughnuts. Their packaging for Donut’s Club Cafe imagines us all living on delicately frosted doughnut islands afloat in a chocolate sea, getting about in charming teacup boats. What could be better?

Donut’s Club Cafe via packageinspiration.com

Who’s your Donut Double?

When the Marlin Network (no clue) needed to promote their 2014 NRA breakfast, they teamed up with Deep Group to answer the ultimate question: what kind of doughnut are you? You can find out by taking this handy quiz, or head over to their site to see some examples (click the face and donut icons next to each image to toggle between the two). Ten points to anyone who can tell us what kind of doughnut Debbie Diner is supposed to be…

Donut Double from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

Discover your Donut Double

Ready to create your own doughnut designs?

We’d recommend this lovely free font, which goes with doughnuts almost as well as coffee and whatever that weird sauce Dunkin’ Donuts give out is. It’s even called Dozen. For some reason, we find the z particularly satisfying…


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