Education app of the week: Quizlet for iPad

Forget mountains of colour-coded flashcards and bathroom walls covered in hundreds of sticky notes – Quizlet for iPad combines flashcards and quizzing into one handy app. We’ve given it a review just in time for exam and study period season…

What is Quizlet for iPad?

Quizlet for iPad (Quizlet LLC, free) is a simple study tool that works like a searchable glossary – you type in a topic and get a list of terms on that subject, with accompanying definitions. You can then use these in a few different ways as study aids: the ‘Cards’ option turns them into a deck of flash cards, with the term on one side and the definition on the back, the ‘Learn’ function works like a quiz, where you need to type the term to match the definition, and ‘Match’ lets you play a matching game against the clock.

How can it benefit the classroom?

The clear benefit of Quizlet is as a study tool, and its ‘by rote’ nature of quizzing and matching exercises is ideally suited to learners who thrive in visual, competition and repetition-based study. There’s already a ton of topics uploaded to Quizlet for you to search through, from history to the sciences and more, and it could be especially useful in languages – the ‘French Verb Quiz’ series could have been particularly helpful all those years ago back at secondary school…

What’s the best feature?

What’s really great is that, as well as all the content that’s already available in the Quizlet bank, teachers can also create their own topics with their own sets of terms too. You just need to log in (you can quickly set up a profile, or sign in using Facebook or Google), then tap ‘Create a new study set’, enter your terms and definitions, save and upload for students to search for. This means you can create glossaries for whatever topic you’re currently covering – the amount of content on offer is endless!

Where can I get it?

Quizlet for iPad (Quizlet LLC, free) is completely free, and you can download it by searching the App Store on your iPad, or heading to iTunes.

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