Weekly design inspiration: Eurovision

With just over a week to go until Eurovision 2015, we thought it only appropriate to don our best beards and put our heads together to draw up a list of our favourite pieces of Eurovision inspiration. We’ve got postcards, speed drawings and an interactive quiz (which we think has the potential to break the internet)…

Maurice Laban, 1959

First off, we’re going to 1959 to appreciate the colourful artwork from Maurice Laban. His work features illustrations from each country competing in the 1959 Eurovision, and while they may be packed with stereotypes, we still find them utterly charming and are particularly drawn to the Swiss picture.

Eurovision 1959 design inspiration

Eurovision 1959 design inspiration

Maurice Laban, 1959 via Flickr

Eurovision 2014 speed drawing

We’re now skipping forwards to 2014 and looking at the speed drawing work of Becky Armstrong. During last year’s Eurovision, Becky set herself the challenge of drawing each act as they performed, stopping her sketches when each song came to a close. What we’re left with is an amazing patchwork picture of all the acts – we particularly like the ‘Angry lady’ illustration for Italy.

Speed drawing 2014 Eurovision song contest

Eurovision 2014 speed drawing via Behance

Eurovision postcard flags

Sticking with 2014 (we can’t get enough of the year of the beard), we thought it only right that we included the postcard flags from last year’s contest. Twelve months down the line, and we can still remember a fair few of these – the Post-It notes from Ukraine and our British buses were the first to spring to mind. Maybe next year someone could pitch a Morris dancing-inspired option?

2014 Eurovision postcards

2014 Eurovision postcard

2014 Eurovision postcard Greece

Eurovision postcard flags from Eurovision.tv

Steadicam shot

While this is a phenomenal example of a blonde mullet, what we’re really paying attention to in this clip is the amazing steadicam shot. Taken from Eurovision 2009, we just presumed the camera was on a wire, and were baffled to learn that this shot was captured by a man on a Segway leaping to the stage in a perfectly choreographed and heavily practiced routine. Brilliant!

Eurovision 2009 steadicam shot via YouTube

Barbara Dex award

Our final piece for this week is an interactive one. Back in the 1993 Eurovision contest, Belgium representative Barbara Dex came under fire for wearing a particularly unflattering sheer dress, prompting the creation of the worst dressed award, more commonly known as the Barbara Dex award. So come next Saturday we’ll all be logging on to eurovisionhouse.nl to vote for our Barbara Dex of 2015, we’d encourage you all to do the same…

Barbara Dex award via eurovisionhouse.nl

Drop back in next Friday for more inspiration from our creative team. In the mean time, please feel free to channel your inner Conchita and send us your best beard inspired photos!

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