Three ways to protect staff iPad

Dropping your iPhone is unfortunate. Dropping your iPad mid-sale and losing all your customer data is slightly worse. Avoid it by investing in one of these sturdy cases…

Having spent the last three years rolling out iPad in schools and businesses up and down the country, we’ve seen plenty of people learn the hard way how important it is to properly protect your iPad. Luckily, whether you’re worried about staff dropping them or frustrated customers taking out their anger at an iPad POS, someone has made a case to suit your needs. Here are three of our favourites.

Griffin AirStrap

Available for iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and all three iterations of iPad mini, the Griffin AirStrap is great for anyone using iPad to interact with customers on the shop floor. The case is lightweight and unobtrusive, so you still get that nice sleek iPad look, but the key feature is the AirStrap’s rotating strap.

Not only does it make holding iPad one-handed far easier – particularly if you opted for one of the larger models – but the rotating mount means that you can still spin the case from landscape to portrait view, or turn it round completely if you want to show the screen to a customer without letting go of your device.

 Native Union GRIPSTER Wrap

Not content with a mere rotating grip, Native Union up the ante with a grip that not only rotates but which can be locked into eight different positions to keep your iPad stable while you work (or take selfies). It also has a built-in stand that doubles up as a carrying handle, so you can carry your iPad with you around the store or prop it up in order to present solutions to customers, play media, or let them navigate through an app.

And if, like us, you’re very particular about keeping your screen scratch-free, you’ll appreciate the eight-panel wraparound cover that you can draw round the iPad when it’s not in use, like some kind of high tech roman blind.

The GRIPSTER wrap is available for iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 1, 2 and 3.

Griffin Survivor

Are you going onto a building site? Is there a chance that an angry child will hurl your iPad at a wall? Do you plan to drop it six feet onto solid concrete on a regular basis? If the answer to any of these questions is even slightly likely to be yes, opt for a Griffin Survivor case (other colours are available).


With four layers of protection, cushioning foam inserts, shock-absorbing silicone at the corners and a scratch resistant cover for you screen and camera, the Survivor makes you iPad ready for anything – there are even removable covers for all your device’s ports, so you can keep out the dust and rain if you need to send staff outdoors.

The Survivor is available for the second, third and fourth generations of iPad, the iPad mini range, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, but Griffin do also offer Survivor covers for iPhones and Android tablets, so you can equip staff with a range of devices and still achieve a uniform look.

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