Weekly design inspiration: MacBook stickers

This week, our design inspiration theme has been Mac stickers. Seeing as we’ve already been to the polls once this week, we decided that everyone is a winner so we’ll be sharing a Mac sticker from each member of our creative team. Here’s our roundup and a few words of wisdom from the team… 

Shariff: Little monster

“I like this little monster by AngelDecals for its clean lines and cute looks. Although, it has just been pointed out that the sticker doesn’t quite reach to the edge of the notebook lid…”

design inspiration, Mac sticker

Via Etsy.com

Vic: French Bulldog

“I just love this as it’s so cute and inquisitive looking. I’d love a French Bulldog myself, but unfortunately this would be the closest I’d get!”

Design inspiration, Mac sticker

Via CreativeBloq.com

Liz: Shabby chic

“If you like to pretend you live on the Nostromo, or have woken up in a post-apocalyptic future and desperately need to contact your past self (we’ve all wished we could do this on deadline day, right?), then this aggressively shabby chic decal will be right up your alley. Just don’t let it get too close to your face…”

Via CreativeBloq.com


Loui: Snoopy

“Awww, Snoopy reminds me of my childhood, and this is now making me wonder if I’ve missed out on toasting apples… mental note: next camping trip.”

Mac sticker, design inspiration

Via Etsy.com 

Liana: Son of Man

“Mine’s a take on the Son of Man by Rene Magritte. A simple representation of a great piece of surrealism, using the Apple logo as a key feature. Takes me back to my art GCSE!”

Via Etsy.com

Jamie: Stitch

“I really like this sticker, so much so that I bought and applied it to my girlfriend’s MacBook.”

design inspiration, mac sticker

Via Amazon.com

Becky: WALL-E

“Pixar’s cutest trash compactor, WALL-E never fails to cheer me up! I like that this sticker adds a splash of colour to the Mac. I bet this would look ever better on the new gold 12″ MacBook.”

Design inspiration, Mac sticker

Via MacBookProStickers.com

Madison: Iron man

“If I could be any Avenger, I’d want to be Iron man. Tony Stark is wonderful. This sticker would look great on my work Mac sitting with my Avengers figures!”

Design inspiration, Mac sticker

Via MacBookSticker.de

Ade: Pixar-style lamp

“I love how this sticker adapts the Apple logo and interacts with it but without completely overpowering it. It’s also very much like the iconic Pixar lamp as well so it has that in its favour. I’m not normally a fan of larger designs but think this doesn’t feel too intrusive.”

mac sticker, design inspiration

Via Etsy.com

Simon: The subtle sticker

“I thought the concept of making the logo look like it was being drawn with bezier curves was kind of clever and I like how small and subtle it is.”

design inspiration, mac sticker

Via Dribbbble.com

What’s that you cry? You don’t have a Mac to stick your new sticker on? Take a read of our Guide to MacBook 2015 to find out which Mac is your perfect match. 

Drop back in next Friday for more inspiration from our creative team. Found something you think we should have included? Pop it in the comments box below.  

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