Weekly design inspiration: Bikes

This week, we say a fond farewell to our senior designer, Paul, as he leaves us for the land of sheep, daffodils and leeks. In tribute, we’ve dedicated this week’s article to ‘inspired by Paul’ content. We’ve got bikes, bikes, a famous Paul and more bikes…


First up, we’re paying homage to Paul’s love of bikes with this delightful series of illustrations created by Thomas Par and Orthonormai. The illustrations are presented on the guys’ website through a series of transitions, with the bike taking on different models – you’ve got to love the penny farthing! Available to buy as prints and posters, we think we’d go for the ‘warrior’ rider…or the ‘lil gangsta’.

Creative inspriration, bikes

Creative inspiration, bikes

Creative inspiration, bikes

Via cyclemon.com

The bicycle animation

Prepare to have your mind blown by this next clip. This clever bike animation from Katy Beveridge shows a laser cutout placed on a bike tyre, spinning with the bike to create an amazing optical illusion. We wouldn’t recommend you watch this just after lunch – it’s weirdly hypnotising.

The bicycle animation via youtube

While out riding

Starting to sense a pattern here? More bikes! This time, we’re looking at the work of Cass: blogger, photographer and biking enthusiast. His project ‘While out riding’ started out as a blog detailing his journey from Alaska through to the American backcountry by bike, and has now developed into a much bigger project. The photos are simply stunning, although we feel tired just looking at how far he’s travelled; bike chafe isn’t really our thing…

Creative inspiration, journey by bike

Creative inspiration, journey by bike

‘While out riding’ via Tumblr

Paul Rand

From one Paul to another, we’ve been looking at some of the inspirational quotes from graphic designer Paul Rand, best known for his corporate logo designs. We love a good motivational quote, and some of these are certainly worthy of a framed spot up in our office!

Creative inspiration, Paul Rand

Creative inspiration, Paul Rand

Creative inspiration, Paul Rand

Paul Rand quotes via RIT graphic design archive

Bespoken by Johnny Random

A musical tribute now. Composer Johhnyrandom has created this piece of music purely from the sounds generated by bicycles and their components. It’s weirdly soothing to listen to – who knew the bike could be so musical?

Johnnyrandom | Bespoken from Johnnyrandom on Vimeo.

Good luck, Paul – we’ll miss you!

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We’ll be back next Friday to bring you more inspiration from our design team. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below. 

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