NAB 2015: Avid launch, ISIS 1000, Media Composer First and Interplay updates

Two years on from the first Everywhere whitepaper and almost a year to the day after they launched Connect at NAB 2014, Avid are back with MediaPlatform updates, workflow innovations and new software and hardware releases. 

First, a moment of silence for Mojo DX, which has officially been discontinued (although the Sonnet DX adaptor will still be available, should you want to add Thunderbolt capabilities to a Mojo or Nitris. Now, on to the new stuff…

ISIS 1000

We’re big fans of Avid’s ISIS shared storage, but for those of you who need something slightly smaller than an ISIS 5000, Avid are introducing the ISIS 1000, a slimline ISIS model aimed at smaller workgroups. From the official statement:

“Avid introduces ISIS | 1000 shared storage, bringing small production teams the same collaborative power proven on blockbuster films and prime-time television—customised for their needs, at a price they can afford (under $18K). For over 25 years, Avid has pioneered real-time collaborative storage with our Unity and ISIS lines, and now we’re excited to introduce a low-cost yet high-performance solution designed for collaborative workflows, whether using Media Composer, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, and/or Apple Final Cut Pro X.”

The ISIS 1000 will act as open workgroup storage for any users on the MediaCentral platform, and is capable of holding up to three million files. Each 20TB storage engine can support frame accurate playback for up to 24 realtime clients, and will support 4K and UHD workflows. Each engine has a bandwidth of 300MBps, but you can tie up to four engines together to give you a maximum total bandwidth of 1200MBps.

The ISIS 1000 will use SSDs for system configuration and metadata management, and will be able to run even if two of these drives fail. The storage controller, power supply and fans are all field replaceable too, so your IT team can leap into action should anything go wrong.

Pre-orders are being taken at NAB, and you’ll be able to pre-order on our site as soon as we find out what the UK price is.

Media Composer

Two big pieces of news around Media Composer. First is Media Composer| First – a new free version of Media composer coming later the year. Designed to help beginners use the same sound and picture tools and the pros, First gives you a slightly slimmed down feature set, but much of the power of the full version of Media Composer.

It will feature fewer settings, menus timetables, bin settings, features and effects and can’t support Interplay or shared ISIS projects (though you can use it to work on projects which include media stored on an ISIS). It also forces you to save your projects in the cloud rather than locally, and the amount of space you get is limited, so we reckon most of our non-education readers will want to fall back on the full version eventually.

Which brings us neatly to Media Composer 8.4, which was announced at Avid Connect and will be available in May. Feature improvements include:

– Custom raster support lets you work with any raster up to 8K, including defining special rasters.

– Pro-res and XAVC-I native high-res playback.

– AAX factory presets from ProTools.

– The ability to view closed captions on an external monitor as well as your interface.

– Alpha channel with Quicktime wrapped DHxHR.

– GPU accelerated effects on Windows (as long as you’re using AMD and NVIDIA cards).

Avid Interplay

Not to be left out, Interplay also got a raft of updates, the most exciting being Interplay | MAM 5, an update aimed at “enabling organisations both large and small to manage the entire content lifecycle and reduce media operation costs. With this latest release, Interplay | MAM is fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, focusing on journalist workflows and others who need easy access to archived media.”

Avid are also releasing Interplay | Production 3.3, which introduces a software-only option for Interplay | Production (hooray for falling hardware costs!). As Avid explain, “Customers supply their own server hardware, all required Interplay Production components are supported in a virtualised environment using VMware. In addition, Interplay | Production will support Integrated Caption Workflows with MediaCentral | UX and will also provide first phase integration of Avid DNxHR workflows.”

All of these solutions can be seen on Avid’s stand, SU902.

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