Enhancing customer experience in store with iPad, iBeacon and dynamic digital content

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at a range of ways iPad can be used in retail including how to promote products in store with iPad and basic AV, how to use Guided Access to turn your iPad into an in-store kiosk and using iPad for micro-clientelling and loyalty programmes. For our final iPad in retail article, we’ve been looking at how stores can use iBeacon technology to push out notifications and content to customer iPad and iOS devices and display personalised content on digital signage. Here’s our guide…

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon technology is a form of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology that provides location-based information and services to iOS devices.

How does it work?

iBeacon technology triggers content through proximity interaction with a small Bluetooth transmitter known as a ‘beacon’ to apps installed on your iPad and other iOS devices. In order to push out this content your device must be in range of the beacon. The apps installed on your iOS devices listen out for signals transmitted by beacons and respond accordingly when the device comes into range.

How does iBeacon work in a retail environment?

There are many ways iBeacon can be used within retail, from tracking customer journey to pushing out special offers. We’ve broken this down into four simple stages:

1. When you’re near the store

When a customer is 10-30 meters away from the store, content is delivered to entice the customer to a certain location. This could be a ‘save 10% in store today’ offer.

2. When you are in the store

When a customer has entered the store and is roughly 5-10 metres away from a beacon, links are pushed out with product information. This could be a breakdown of the clothes displayed on a mannequin, directing the customer to where they are on sale.

3. When you are near the checkout

When the customer is less than two metres away from the beacon, specific actions are triggered. This could be a trigger for a sales assistant to approach the customer and confirm a transaction. During this stage iBeacon can also be used to monitor and track information about the customer journey, including where in the shop the customer has visited and for how long.

4. When you leave the store

When customers leave the store, content is pushed out to them as a means of increasing the chance of a repeat visit, and rewarding their loyalty if they do so.

What is dynamic digital content?

Dynamic digital content quite simply is the content displayed on digital signage in stores. Stock, live pricing and personalised advertisements are all possible displays on digital signage in stores. It becomes dynamic by virtue of the iOS device triggering digital content that is relevant to the consumer demographic or previous purchase history.

How does it work with iBeacon?

Dynamic digital content can be used with iBeacon technology to create personalised signage displayed to passing customers. It might be that as a customer you’ve been browsing certain products from your favourite retailers app at home. When you pass by the retailers store a few days later and pass within range of their iBeacon, details of the items you were looking at are displayed on a sign in the shop window, offering you a discount or informing you of stock availability, causing you to take notice of it and venture in store to make a purchase.

This happened because the store placed an iBeacon alongside a digital sign. The iBeacon detected when you and your iOS device was in range, noted how you’d been interacting with their app and selected a relevant offer or piece of information, which was then displayed on their digital sign. Clever, huh?

Looking to learn more about iBeacon? Download our iBeacon in retail pdf here.

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