The end of “This software is currently unsupported…”?

We love it when a new device or platform makes itself known, but we’re less keen on the inevitable, horrible wait for our key software and systems to add support for them. The nice thing about Creative Cloud? You can say goodbye to messy workarounds and incompatibility issues within days. 

Because Creative Cloud updates and bug fixes are released as and when they become available, the time between a new device or software release being announced and an update to support it being available in Creative Cloud is drastically less than it ever was with Creative Suite.

And because you can use Adobe Packager to centrally manage and distribute when updates are available to different users in your organisation, there’s no need to worry about different users being on different versions. Simply use Packager to hold back or push out the updates your users need, when you’re ready to support them.

Designing for new devices

However, the benefits of the constant update model go beyond letting you update to the latest version of your OS straight away. If you’re producing digital content that needs to be optimised for a range of devices, the release of a new tablet, smartphone or screen resolution can knock your designs wildly out of whack (that’s a technical term).

Thankfully, Creative Cloud adds support for new devices as quickly as it does software, so rather than having to develop workarounds or source (probably pretty expensive) test devices in order to tweak your designs manually, you can have an official update within days, and create and optimise content for it in the same way you would for any other device.

And if you’re using one of those newly-released devices, you’ll see the time it takes for you to be able to fire up Creative Cloud and work on it drastically reduced, too. The upshot of this is that you can keep pace with the technology used by third parties, agencies, collaborators and clients, meaning it’s easier to collaborate and you’re less likely to waste time doing needless iterations of something just to check it works on a specific tablet.

Keeping up with the latest standards

But it’s not just software and devices these updates support – they’ll also help you keep up with security frameworks and standards, so you can be sure you’re not putting yourself and your clients at risk. This is especially important if you’re moving into web and interactive design, due to the relatively high refresh rate and number of standards.

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