Weekly design inspiration: CSS interaction, a trip to Mars and Geocities

Our design inspiration theme this week is the web. We’ve been looking at our favourite examples of web design, creativity and history– we’ve even tried to be a bit topical, with the Solar Eclipse having just taken place and slip some space themed content in their too. Our web inspiration features some darn cute transitioning animals, a trip to Mars and a website that tells you how many times you flush the toilet at work (we’re not here to judge)…

In pieces

We start off with this lovely CSS-based interactive exhibition celebrating evolutionary distinction. There are 30 animals (all endangered) to work your way through – the Pygmy three-toed sloth looks very jovial, look at him waving away! This is a really great concept and website, the only slightly disturbing element is when you click “what’s the threat’ and the animal appears to explode – poor three-toed sloth. We’d recommend a read of the ‘How it’s made’ section, to see how the animals are being manipulated through a set of co-ordinates with CSS transitions to link up the movements.

CSS-based web design

CSS-based web design

CSS-based web design

In pieces by species-in-pieces.com

How far is it to Mars?

This morning we all stood outside with our mugs of coffee and waited patiently for the moon to get a jog on and cover the sun. When you think about it, space is pretty inspirational, so we were loving this neat little website that put into perspective how far away Mars is, by using an Earth 100 pixels wide. In case you were wondering, if the Earth was only 100 pixels wide, Mars would be 428,000 pixels away, and the Moon 3000 pixels away. We particularly like that during your trip to Mars you’re entertained with a selection of fun space trivia.

Web inspiration, distance to Mars

How far is it to Mars? By distancetomars.com

Sid Lee Dashboard

Who said black and white was boring? There’s certainly plenty to look at and keep you occupied for a good 15 minutes on creative agency Sid Lee’s website. Broken down into a grid, the website features the activity in the office, including the temperature, number of coffees poured and even how many goals are scored on the table-football. At first we were adamant that this wasn’t genuine, but after watching the company’s accompanying video – we are genuinely baffled! Do they seriously record how many times the toilet gets flushed in a day and put it on their website? You can click on each of the elements to open up a graph of when the activities were carried out – apparently at 4am this morning the water fountain was proving popular.

Wed design, Sid Lee creative agency

Web design, Sid Lee creative agency


6 totally wrong early predictions about the internet

In 1969 a series of predictions were made about the future of the internet, and while we may laugh at them now, at the time, these seem perfectly legitimate things to claim. The list includes ‘people will never just sit and stare at a screen all day’, ‘no one would ever buy a damn thing over the computer’, and our favourite ‘the Internet will end…in 1996’. There’s also a video to go alongside these statements – take a listen, we guarantee you will be slightly amused!

6 totally wrong early predictions about the Internet via smosh.com

Long live Geocities

Our final piece of inspiration for this week is a good one; we’ve definitely saved the best till last. The One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age is attempting to capture and archive the few remaining Geocities out there, and their Tumblr includes screenshots of home-coded masterpieces that have, sadly, fallen in the maw of Yahoo Small Business. For those of you not aware of the wonder of Geocities, you need to take a look at how we were making websites in the 90s (apparently you can still make Geocities in Japan). Here’s a selection of our favourite…

Web design, Geocities

Web design, Geocities

Wed design, Geocities

Geocities via Tublr

Drop back in next Friday to see more inspiration from our design team. Found something you think should have made it into the list? Pop it in the comments box below. In the meantime, check out our new and improved Design and Publishing homepage and our dedicated Adobe Creative Cloud hub. For all the latest news and tips, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


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