Yosemite Mac tip of the month: Sync your Safari tabs with iCloud Tabs

This month we’re looking at how to quickly sync your open Safari tabs across your Apple devices using iCloud Tabs. iCloud Tabs is a great way to keep the tabs you have open in Safari up to date on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. 

Setting up iCloud tabs

In order for you to be able to sync your open Safari tabs, you must first ensure that you are signed into your iCloud account on all the devices you want to sync across.


If you’re syncing across iOS devices you’ll need to go into Settings > iCloud and make sure the Safari option is turned on (it’ll be green if it is).  This will allow your browser permission to beam your open tabs to your other Apple devices signed in to your iCloud.


If you want to get your Mac/OS X devices involved too, you need to go into System Preferences > Safari and make sure iCloud is turned on here. Now, as long as you’re signed in to the same iCloud account on your other devices and you’re using Safari, you can switch between reading something on your iPad to reading it on your iPhone or back to your Mac.

If you close a tab on one device, it will shut it down on all your devices.

Using iCloud Tabs

Whether you’re using Safari on a mobile or desktop device, tap the Tabs icon (the two layered rectangles) and scroll down (if necessary) to see your open iCloud Tabs. iCloud Tabs will only show the tabs that are currently open on your other Apple devices, not the tabs that are open on the device you’re currently using.

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