Education app of the week: MathBoard

This week we’re looking at MathBoard, a flexible app that helps primary school children of all ages master key skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It’s also nicely nostalgic for anyone who’s ever had to tackle problems on a blackboard…

What is MathBoard? 

MathBoard (PalaSoftware Inc., various pricing) is a suite of apps that work together to teach basic maths skills to children of all ages. While the core app is aimed at younger learners, add-ons like MathBoard Fractions and MathBoard Challenge mean it’s applicable to any primary school maths classroom. (You can get the full MathBoard range as a bundle for £6.99.)

How does it benefit the classroom? 

Because MathBoard is wide-ranging and incredibly customisable, it makes it easy for you to personalise work to individual students or small groups. MathBoard provides those who struggle with a concept with plenty of examples and step-by-step assistance to grasp it, while you can allow more able students to progress through the app at their own pace, or reinforce their knowledge by having them compete against one another in the (surprisingly addictive) MathBook Challenge.

What’s the best feature? 

What we like best about MathBoard is that rather than force you to ask endless multiple choice questions, it gives you options for different answer styles. There’s even a ‘scratchboard’ area where students can do their working out by hand, so you can see each step in their thinking process rather than just getting reports on whether they got questions right or wrong. And if anyone needs a little help, the Problem Solver function breaks each question down into steps, so students can see the different processes they need to go through to balance an equation, for example.

How do I get it? 

MathBoard and MathBoard Fractions are available on the App Store and iTunes for £3.99 each, with MathBoard Challenge costing £2.29. However, you can make a significant saving if you buy all three as a bundle for £6.99.

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