Weekly design inspiration: A history of Photoshop, 3D printed jewellery and Photoshop tennis

This week, we’ve turned our attention towards Photoshop and decided to jump on the 25th anniversary bandwagon. So, we met as usual for our Thursday afternoon creative catch-up and Lilt drinking session (although this week, sadly, there was no Lilt) and shared around our ideas and tributes to Photoshop, which included the history of Photoshop, life before Photoshop and a gentle game of tennis. Here’s our roundup…

Photoshop before Photoshop

We’re starting things off with a little history and looking back at how images were manipulated before Photoshop. These images pulled together by Amanda Uren were taken between 1850-1950 and have all been manipulated in some way. Some have been retouched by hand using paint or ink, and some images are a collection of multiple photos that have been pieced together in a darkroom. ‘Man juggling his own head’ is particularly humorous and one of our favourite examples of a pieced together image – if only we could find out who the unidentified French artist was who created this…

Photoshop before Photoshop via mashable.com

Darkroom techniques Photoshop’s tools are based on

Our favourite online video tutorial and training site Lynda.com have released their own video in tribute to Photoshop turning 25. The video takes a look back at the darkroom techniques that Photoshop tools are based on. It looks at techniques like dodging, burning, adding gradients, using masks and feathering, without a computer in sight! If you’ve got a spare ten minutes, we’d thoroughly recommend you check this video out.

 Darkroom techniques that Photoshop’s tools are based on via petapixel.com

3D printed wearable jewellery

Artist, CAD designer and maker, Jessica Searfino creates ‘wearable jewellery’ using Photoshop CC and a 3D printer. She begins her projects by sketching and clay modelling her designs before uploading them into 3D modelling software. She then opens the files in Photoshop to edit the model and add pattern and imagery, before printing them. Not sure how practical and wearable these are, but they sure are impressive to say they were 3D printed.

Printed wearable jewellery by Jessica Searfino

Photoshop tennis

If you’ve never played a game of Photoshop tennis before – why not? The rules are simple: pick a photo, pick a friend and take it in turns to Photoshop stuff onto your picture until you can do no more. Here’s an appropriate Star Wars example to get you started!

Photoshop tennis via Flickr.com

Photoshop manipulation timelapse

We love this photo manipulation tutorial that could fool tourists everywhere into thinking London has been the victim of a harsh weather front. This extravagant video is brought to us by Roy Korpel, a digital artist from the Netherlands who creates manipulated images in Photoshop which he shared through timelapse videos.

Photoshop manipulation timelapse by Roy Korpel via Youtube

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